Section 18 - Discharge of Firearms

Section 18.01 - Purpose
Section 18.02 - Definition
Section 18.03 - Prohibition
Section 18.04 - Firing Range
Section 18.05 - Prohibitions not Applicable
Section 18.06 - Violations

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Section 18.01 Purpose

This Ordinance is enacted under the authority of Sections 00.01.0 2.09 and 00.01.0 2.10 of the Town Chapter for the purpose of promoting the public safety and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town by regulating the intentional, careless and/negligent discharge of firearms within any portion of the Town of Veazie. However, no provisions of this Ordinance shall be construed so as to outlaw hunting per se.

Section 18.02 Definition

"Firearm" shall mean any weapon, whether loaded or unloaded which will expel a projectile by the action of an explosive and includes any such weapon commonly referred to as a pellet gun, pistol, revolver, rifle, gun or shotgun. Any weapon which can be made into a firearm by the insertion of a firing pin, or other similar thing, or by repair, is a firearm.

Section 18.03 Prohibition

It shall be unlawful for any person to shoot or discharge firearms of any kind or description in the Town of Veazie. However, pursuant to Section 18.01 of this Ordinance, the discharge or shooting of shotguns or pellet guns is permissible for the purpose of hunting or target shooting provided such discharge does not conflict with the following provisions of this section. Any person wishing to discharge shotguns or pellet guns within 100 yards of a dwelling or occupied building or structure must possess written permission of the owner or current occupants of said dwelling or occupied building or structure. A person is guilty of improper discharge of a firearm if he fails to have written permission of the owner or current occupants on his/her person at the moment of discharge of a shotgun or pellet gun.

Section 18.04 Firing Range

18.04.01 Prohibition Not Applicable
The foregoing prohibitions and regulations shall not apply to an approved firing range area. An approved firing range area is defined as an area set up for the safe discharge of firearms with adequate protection in the form of a backstop and/or proper neighboring property or persons.

The guidelines for a firing range are as follows:
Backstop constructed of logs or timbers of at least 12 inches (12") in diameter with an earth barrier behind, or as earth barrier of suitable material with no less than a 45 degrees slope.
There shall also be a natural obstruction of trees terrain to the rear of the backstop.
​​​​​​The target area will be placed no less than three feet (3') from the top and sides of the backstop.
The range widths to the target shall be no less than 15 feet for 50 yards, 25 feet for 100 yards, and 50 feet for 200 yards or more.
No range shall be suitable less than 100 feet from the nearest roadway and shall not be constructed so that the projectile travels toward the roadway.
No shooting will be permitted except between the hours of sunrise and sunset on outdoor ranges. Additional shooting times may be established for indoor ranges.

The approving authority for the operation of a firing range shall be the Chief of Police and other outside consultation as deemed necessary.

Section 18.05 Prohibitions not Applicable

The foregoing prohibitions and regulations shall not apply to the discharge of a firearm in the lawful defense of a person, the home, the property or protection of property from destruction by animals; or to the discharge of a firearm at a private range within a private dwelling; or to a discharge of a firearm by a police officer in the exercise of his/her duties.

Section 18.06 Violations

Any violator of this Ordinance, upon the first conviction will be subject to a fine of not less than fifty dollars ($50) nor more than Two Hundred Dollars ($200). Any violator of this Ordinance, upon conviction subsequent to the first conviction, will be subject to a fine of not less than One Hundred Dollars ($100). Any violator, upon conviction, will be responsible for payment of reasonable court and lawyer fees for the Town of Veazie and any other damages directly attributable to the violation(s).