Section 17 - Concealed Weapons Permit

Section 17.01 - Issuing Authority
Section 17.02 - Individual License
Section 17.03 - Fees
Section 17.04 - Grant or Denial
Section 17.05 - Two Year Permits
Section 17.06 - Copy of Law
Section 17.07 - Age; Criminal Record
Section 17.08 - Fingerprints
Section 17.09 - Application
Section 17.10 - Eligibility After Revocation
Section 17.11 - Moral Character
Section 17.12 - Revocation
Section 17.13 - Confidentiality
Section 17.14 - Contents of Permit
Section 17.15 - Violation

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Section 17.01 Issuing Authority

The issuing authority is the municipal officers of the Town of Veazie. Application shall be made to the Chief of Police who shall forward said application along with his recommendation to municipal officers. Any nonresident of the State of Maine must apply to the Chief of the State Police.

Section 17.02  Individual License

The individual, not the weapon, shall be licensed. There is no need to list serial numbers on the permit.

Section 17.03 Fees

A fee of $35.00 shall be charged for original application and a fee of $20.00 shall be charged for renewals.

Section 17.04 Grant or Denial

The applicant must have an answer either granting or denying the permit within 30 days from the date of application. Denial must state the reason for refusal in writing.

Section 17.05 Two Year Permits

Permits are valid for two years from the date of issue unless sooner revoked.

Section 17.06 Copy of Law

A copy of the law governing the application for and carrying of concealed weapons will be given to every applicant at the time application.

Section 17.07 Age; Criminal Record

The applicant must be 18 years of age and never convicted of a crime punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment equal to or exceeding one year.

Section 17.08 Fingerprints

Fingerprints will be taken only if there is a question of the identity of the applicant.

Section 17.09 Application

The applicant must answer all questions (a) through (I) on the application and any affirmative answer to any question (a) through (i) is cause for refusal of a permit. Any false statement on the application is cause for refusal and may result in prosecution of the applicant under 25 M.R.S.A. § 2004.

Section 17.10 Eligibility After Revocation

No person who had a permit revoked is eligible for application for five (5) years from the date of revocation.

Section 17.11 Moral Character

Besides questions (a) through (I), the applicant's good moral character is also a factor in the granting or denial of a permit. This is determined by checking the records for the five (5) year period prior to application for:

  • Abuse of family or household members under 19 M.R.S.A. § 770(1).
  • Failure to meet child or family support obligations as shown by Department of Human Services files;
  • Three or more convictions for Class D or Class E crimes;
  • Three or more civil violations;
  • Records indicating that the applicant has engaged in reckless or negligence that endangered the safety of others, including the use of weapons and motor vehicles.

Positive findings on any or all of the above may be considered grounds for denial.

Section 17.12 Revocation

The issuing authority shall revoke a permit if:

  • there is material misstatement on the application;
  • the permit holder has been convicted for a violation under 25 M.R.S.A. § 2001; or
  • the permit holder becomes ineligible to make an application under this chapter.

Section 17.13 Confidentiality

All proceedings related to the grant, denial or revocation of permits are not public proceedings under 1 M.R.S.A. § 401 et seq., unless otherwise requested by the applicant.

Notwithstanding 1 M.R.S.A. § 410 et seq., all applications, refusals and supporting documentation are confidential and not public information unless waived in writing by the applicant.

The only documentation available for public inspection is the permanent record of each permit which is maintained by the municipal officers in a book or file. This record includes the date of issuance, name, age, sex and street address of the permittee.

Section 17.14 Contents of Permit

All permits must contain the name, address and physical description of the applicant. Permits are valid statewide. They must be in the permit holders immediate possession and must be displayed upon demand by any law enforcement officer. The permit holder shall have the usual amount of time in which to produce it and avoid conviction for failure to do so.

Section 17.15 Violation

Anyone who knowingly makes false on the application or violates any provisions of the Chapter is guilty of a class D crime.