Section 14 - Conservation Commission

Section 14.01 - Conservation Commission

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Section 14.01 Conservation Commission

00.00.01 Establishment
There is hereby established a Conservation Commission for the Town of Veazie to consist of five (5) members to be appointed by the Town Council pursuant to the authority provided in Title 30-A, Section 3261, M.R.S.A., as amended.  It is the intent of the Town of Veazie to establish a Conservation Commission in order to maintain or enhance the conservation of natural or scenic resources, to protect natural streams or water supplies, to promote conservation of swamps, wetlands, farmlands, shoreline or tidal marshes, to enhance the value to the public of abutting or neighboring parks, forests, wildlife preserves, nature reservations or sanctuaries, or other open areas or open spaces, to affect or enhance public recreation opportunities, to preserve historic sites, to implement the plan of development adopted by the Planning Board of the municipality, and to promote orderly urban or suburban development.

00.00.02 Appointment and Term
Each member of the Conservation Commission shall be appointed by the Town Council for a three (3) year term, except that with respect to the initial appointment, one (1) member shall be appointed for a one (1) year term, two (2) members shall be appointed for a two (2) year term and two (2) members shall be appointed for a three (3) year term.  Conservation Committee Members shall be registered voters and shall reside in the Town of Veazie during their term of office.

00.00.03 Duties and Responsibilities
The Conservation Commission shall conduct research, in conjunction with the Planning Boar, on Veazie's local land parcels and shall seek to coordinate the activities of conservation bodies organized for similar purposes and may advertise, prepare, print and distribute books, maps, charts, plans, and pamphlets which in its judgement it deems necessary.  It shall keep an index of all open areas, publicly or privately owned, within the municipality, including open shoreline, marsh lands, and other wet lands, for the purpose of obtaining information pertinent to proper utilization, protection, development or use of such open areas and may recommend to the municipal officers or any municipal body or board, or any body politic or public agency of the State of Maine a program for the better utilization, protection, development or use of such areas, which may include fee simple acquisition or acquisition of conservation easements.  The Conservation Commission shall keep records of its meetings and activities and shall make an annual report to the Town Council which is also to be published as part of the Annual Municipal Report.

With the approval of the Town by vote of any special or annual Town Meeting, the Commission may acquire land or any interest therein in the name of the municipality for any purpose set forth in Title 30-A, Section 3264 M.R.S.A., as amended, and may accept gifts of land, money or easements for conservation purposes.

The Commission shall, prior to making any recommendations pursuant to this section, submit its recommendations to the Planning Board at least thirty (3)) days in advance.

Nothing in this section shall be construed to conflict with or usurp any duties, powers or functions of the existing Planning Board as set forth in the Town of Veazie Land Use Ordinance.

00.00.04 Meetings
The Commission shall meet every month unless it agrees to meeting more frequently.  Except when otherwise provided by vote of the Commission, all meetings shall be conducted by Robert's Rules of Order.

00.00.05 Voting and Quorum
The Commission's decision shall be made by a vote of the majority of members present and voting provided a quorum is present.  A majority of the members appointed and serving on the Commission shall constitute a quorum.