Section 13 - Recreational Fields

Section 13.01 - Authority
Section 13.02 - Purpose
Section 13.03 - Area
Section 13.04 - Rules and Regulations
Section 13.05 - Prohibited Acts
Section 13.06 - Penalties

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Section 13.01 Authority

This Ordinance is enacted pursuant to the authority vested in the Town of Veazie by 30-A M.R.S.A. § 3001.

Section 13.02 Purpose

The purpose of this Ordinance is to provide rules and regulations governing the use of recreational areas in the Town of Veazie to enhance public safety by reducing potentially dangerous conflicts between pedestrian uses of said areas and the use of motorized vehicles thereon and to preserve and maintain the condition of said areas by prohibiting certain activities thereon.

Section 13.03 Area

The recreational areas governed by the provisions of this Ordinance are those open areas adjacent to the John R. Graham School, which are bounded on the north by properties identified on Town Tax Map 5 (1987 edition) as Lots 25A and 26, on the west by Main Street, on the south by a wooded area, and on the east by property identified on said Tax Map 5 as Lot 39. For the purpose of this Ordinance, the term "open areas" shall mean all cleared fields or areas within the aforementioned boundaries which have been maintained by periodic mowing and clearing. Such term shall include, but not be limited to, the following: Softball field, baseball/ soccer field, area adjacent to tennis courts, playground areas, and the adjacent field located towards Main Street.

Section 13.04 Rules and Regulations

The Recreation Committee shall establish rules and regulations governing the care, maintenance and use of the areas governed by this Ordinance, and shall be responsible for the review and approval or denial of all requests for the use of the areas. The rules and regulations shall become effective upon approval by the Town Council and shall be kept on file in the office of the Town clerk.

Section 13.05 Prohibited Acts

No person shall destroy, injure, deface, disturb, tamper with, or attempt to destroy, injure, deface, or disturb any building, sign, fence, tree, shrubbery, lawn or any other structure or improvement located within the areas governed by this Ordinance.

No person shall operate any motorized vehicle, including but not limited to snowmobiles, motorcycles, trail bikes, automobiles, trucks, or all terrain vehicles, in the areas governed by this Ordinance, except as follows:

  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Town or School maintenance vehicles (e.g. riding lawn mower, etc.)
  • Snowmobiles may be operated on the softball field and baseball/soccer field, but only when the ground is covered with a base of snow sufficient to prevent damage to said fields.

Section 13.06 Penalties

Any person who shall violate any provision of this Ordinance shall be subject to a civil penalty of $25.00, which shall inure to the benefit of the Town of Veazie. Each and every violation of a provision of this Ordinance shall constitute a separate offense. Any such person shall also be subject to an additional civil penalty in the amount necessary to repair or replace any property damage caused by said person.