Section 06 - Inspector of Buildings

Section 06.01 - Establishment
Section 06.02 - Appointment
Section 06.03 - Duties

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Section 06.01 Establishment

There is hereby created the office of Inspector of Buildings which shall receive petitions for building permits, and at which office shall be filed copies of said petitions, permits issued thereon and certificates of occupancy.

Section 06.02 Appointment

The Selectmen shall annually in the month of April appoint an inspector of buildings, who shall be a person skilled in the construction of buildings and shall determine such person's compensation. The Selectmen shall define the limits within which the Inspector of Buildings shall have jurisdiction, which shall include the thickly settled portion of such town. Whenever the Inspector of Buildings shall become incapacitated, the Selectmen may appoint or authorize a deputy inspector of buildings, who shall serve until removed by the Selectmen, but in no event beyond the term for which the Inspector of Buildings was appointed. Such deputy inspector shall perform such duties as may be required of him by the inspector. His compensation shall be determined by the Selectmen. On the adoption of this ordinance, the Selectmen shall appoint an inspector of buildings to serve until the annual appointment is made next April.

Section 06.03 Duties

The Inspector of Buildings shall enforce all laws relating to the construction of buildings and use and occupancy, location of buildings, including all provisions of zoning ordinances of Veazie, except as may be otherwise provided for.