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Veazie Planning Board 06/19/2002
Town of Veazie Planning Board

Call to Order:  7:00 PM

Present:  Board members C. Cronan (Chairman), T. Studley, H. Pinkham (stepped down 7:45 PM), J. Manter (Recorder of the Minutes), and S. Malis-Anderson (arrived 7:03 PM, seated by the Chairman); Town Officials W. Reed (Town Manager, arrived 7:06 PM) and A. Thomas (CEO); Applicants G. Martin (Fire Chief), P. Tuell (CES, departed 7:45 PM) and J. Parker (CES, arrived 7:40 PM, departed 7:45 PM).

Meeting Minutes:  13 May 2002 - motion to approve as read:  J. Manter, seconded: T. Studley, voted 4-0.

1.  Completion Review for Fire Department Expansion
  P. Tuell of CES presented the plan and fielded questions from the Board.  The Board granted these following waivers to the requirements of the Land Use Ordinance:

        "  .04  Title
        "  .13  Soils
        "  .17  Reserved Areas
        "  .18  Natural Features
        "  .19  Historic Features
        "  .20  Access to Water
        "  .22  Landscaping/Buffering/Screening
        "  .29  Traffic Impact
        "  .33  Municipal Services Impact
(Motion:  J. Manter, seconded:  T. Studley, Voted: 5-0).
The Board, after discussion with the applicants and among themselves, voted to accept the application as complete pending -
                -additional lighting requirements
                -building plan additions, and
                -DEP requirement (Permit by Rule)
and set for Public Hearing on July 8th.
(Motion:  C. Cronan, seconded: H. Pinkham, Voted: 5-0).

2.  Completion Review for Harold Pinkham Apartment Building
   H. Pinkham stepped down from the Board and represented his application for a Town House-style set of apartments consisting of four (4) dwelling units.  The Board reviewed the presented materials and, after discussion with the applicant, granted these following waiver requests to the requirements of the Land Use Ordinance: Title (Purchases/sale agreements)  Subsurface Wastewater
        "  .06 Farmland                         "  .27  Hydrogeologic Study
        "  .08 High Water Line                          "  .28  Ground Water
        "  .11 Streets, Sidewalks, Driveways            "  .29  Traffic Impact
        "  .12 Waterbody Setbacks                       "  .32  Declarations
        "  .13 Soils                                            "  .34  Water Connections
        "  .15 Stormwater, Sanitary Wastewater  "  .36  Stormwater Disposal
                (No Licensed Engineer Certification required)
        "  .16 Utilities (Gas)                          "  .43  Mining
        "  .17 Reserved Areas                   "  .44  Business/Commercial/Industrial  Natural Features            Subdivision (The
        "  .19 Historic Features                                        (board found that
        "  .20 Access to Water                                  review for use under
        "  .21 Traffic Patterns                                         the Ordinance to be
        "  .22 Landscaping/Buffers                                      as restrictive as
        "  .24 Signs                                                    State law)                                                                                       "  .46  Performance Guarantee
                                                        "  .47  Legal Documents
                                                        "  .48  Tech/Finance
                                                        "  .50  Permits
(Motion: J. Manter, seconded: C. Cronan, Voted: 4-0).
The Board, after further discussion with the applicant, voted to accept the application as complete, pending
-  additional topographic elevations
-  stormwater run off calculations
-  Fire Protection service letter from the Fire Chief
-  Education services impact letter
-  fees
-  municipal impacts service letter from the Town Manager, and
-  public sewer & water services letter from respective agencies
and set for Public Hearing on July 8th.
(Motion:  C. Cronan, seconded: T. Studley, Voted: 4-0).


T. Studley distributed to the Board members a schematic outline for an approach to Open Space Planning, to include The Plan and The Procedures.  This document tracks with the previous meeting's discussions on priortization of implementation tasks for the adopted Comprehensive Plan, summarized in the May 13th meeting minutes.

These following issues were addressed by Town Manager Reed and CEO Thomas -
 -  Comprehensive Plan certification by the Maine State Planning Office ( on-going - due to recent deaths, personnel replacement and State hiring "freeze", this process has been delayed)
-  Retaining Planning consultant - potential candidates are reviewing offers pending State Certification of Comprehensive Plan
-  Cover-type Analysis mapping - The CEO is awaiting results from Sewell Company.

A digitized slide presentation of photos taken in undeveloped areas of the Town of Veazie was presented by S. Malis-Anderson.  Photo locations were coordinated on different available maps.

Adjourned:  9:09 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

John Manter


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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