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Veazie Planning Board 05/13/2002

    Town of Veazie Planning Board
  Minutes of May 13, 2002 Meeting

Chris Cronan called the meeting to order @ 7:00 p.m.

Present: Board Members: Chris Cronan (Chairman), John Manter arrived @ 7:50 p.m., Harold Pinkham, Terry Studley, Steve Shaler, Suzanne Malis-Anderson

Town Officials: Allan Thomas (CEO), Beckie-Jo Woods (Deputy Clerk)

Applicant Representatives:  Barb & William Dalton (applicants), Don Becker (CES)

Members of the Public: Sue Hart, Ray Lynch Sr.

Consideration of Minutes:

        -Terry Studley moved to accept the April 1, 2002 minutes as written.
        -Steve Shaler seconded the motion. – All members were in favor.

Item 1: Continued – Public Hearing on the Dalton Subdivision:

-Chris Cronan opened the public hearing for comments.
-There were no comments from the public.
-Terry Studley moved to close the public hearing.
-Steve Shaler seconded the motion. – All members were in favor.

Item 2: Consideration of Dalton Subdivision:

-Chris Cronan mentioned that one of the concerns from Sebago Technics included drainage and storage capacity.

-Don Becker stated that he spoke with Allan and Bill and is proposing that lot 5 will drain into the inlet to the culver on lot 4. He also showed the Board the proposed drainage. He stated that this would eliminate the concerns form Sebago Technics. Don also mentioned that they are not curbing the road and that the lot is no longer than 350 feet and therefore the acreage has been decreased.

-There was further discussion of sloping, melting of ice, and the cleaning of the culverts.

-Chris Cronan moved to approve the Dalton Subdivision application complete with the following conditions of approval:

1.      Pending receipt of all final legal descriptions, easements and right of way documents in a form acceptable to the Town’s attorney,
2.      Pending approval from the Road Commissioner,
3.      Provision of under drain for cul-de-sac and adequate stabilization of the Black Bear Drive culvert.

-Harold Pinkham seconded the motion. – All members were in favor.

Break for 5 minutes.

Item 3: Comprehensive Plan Action:

-The Board went through the Implementation Schedule for the Comprehensive Plan, provided by Robb Freeman and prioritized the items as follows:

High Priority:
-Other Critical Resources Implementation Strategies – #2, a – h
-Transfer of Development Rights (TDR)
-Recreation and Open Space Implementation Strategies
-Public Facilities Implementation Strategies - #5
-Fiscal Capacity Implementation Strategies
-Land Use Regulatory Tools: #1-9
-Capital Investment Tools: #1-2
-Land Acquisition Tools: #1, a – e

Medium to High Priority:
-Housing Implementation Strategies: #3

Medium Priority:
-Agriculture and Forest Resources Implementation Strategies
-Maine Resources Implementation Strategies
-Public Facilities Implementation Strategies: #1

Low to Medium Priority:
-Soil, Water, Air, and Topography Implementation Strategies: #1 & 2
-Housing Implementation Strategies: #2 & 4

Low Priority:
-Soil, Water, Air, and Topography Implementation Strategies: #3
-Other Critical Resources implementation Strategies: #1
-Transportation Implementation Strategies

-John Manter showed a graph that he has been working on for the implementation of the Comprehensive Plan. He suggested the Board make a list of where they see the biggest conflicts arising.

Item 4: NPDES Phase II:
(National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)(Part of the Federal Clean Water Act):

-Allan Thomas explained that by March 2003, the Town would have to file a notice of intent explaining what the Town is doing to reduce pollutants to surface waters. He also explained that the reason the Board has to file this notice is because Veazie is located next to Bangor.

-Chris Cronan mentioned getting a grad student to do some of this work.

-The next scheduled meeting: June 10, 2002.

-Terry Studley motioned to adjourn @ 9:15 p.m.
-John Manter seconded the motion. – All members were in favor.

Respectfully Submitted By:

Beckie-Jo woods
Deputy Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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