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Planning Board Minutes 2/05/01
Town of Veazie Planning Board
      Minutes of February 5, 2001 meeting

Chris Cronan called the meeting to order @ 7:05 p.m.

PRESENT: Chris Cronan (chairman), Peter Reilly, John Manter, Harold Pinkham, Terry Studley, Town Officials: William Reed (manager), Allan Thomas (CEO), Beckie Woods (assistant clerk), Rick Violette (Town’s lawyer), Applicant representatives: John McCormack (CES), Jim Parker (CES), Barney & Robin Silver (applicant), Phil Buckley (Silver’s lawyer), Members of the public: Tom Davis (property owner), Tom Russell (Buck Hill), Tom Drummond (Buck Hill), Bruce Barber (Buck Hill), Gary & Carol Arnold (Buck Hill), Randy Wadleigh (Buck Hill), Scott Knight (Jackson Dr.), Helen Cheney (Davis Dr.), William & Barbara Dalton (Arbor Dr.).

Consideration of minutes: There was no discussion on the minutes. John Manter moved to accept the minutes from the 01-08-01 meeting as prepared. Motion seconded by Harold Pinkham. All members were in favor.

ITEM 1: Finalize Completion Review – Silver’s Subdivision Title Deed – Substantially complete Impact on Municipal Services: Substantially complete pending Bill Reed’s final letter. Storm water Disposal: Materials submitted for review. Subdivisions: Submitted for review Legal Documents: Substantially complete

-John Manter moved to consider the application substantially complete for the public hearing. Motion seconded by Terry Studley. All members were in favor.

ITEM 2: Public Hearing & Consideration of Silver’s Subdivision

Public Hearing began @ 7:15 p.m.

-John McCormack gave a brief explanation of the subdivision’s location and specifications.
-Tom Drummond as well as Bruce Barber, Scott Knight, and Randy Wadleigh all expressed concerns with the roadways and the added amount of traffic on Jackson Drive. They also asked if there would be a traffic light installed and another road leading into and out of the subdivision.

-Scott Knight mentioned adding speed bumps to control the speed on Jackson Dr.

-Chris Cronan explained that a waver for the section of the ordinance that states the need for two entrances and exits, was submitted on 02-05-01 for review.

-Chris Cronan mentioned the amount of open space and if the 12 acres is still on the map.
-Allan Thomas explained that the 12 acres is stated in the deed as open space.
-Rick Violette explained that he spoke with Ed Bearor and feels that there should be 16 acres of open space instead of 12 acres.

-Chris Cronan read section on page 124 of the ordinance. He expressed that there is not a clear description of what the open space can be used for and the frontage of the open space.  

-Manager Reed gave a brief outline on long term goals and objectives that the Town would like to see. For example: A road parallel to Jackson Drive to Chase Road. A new main collector street i.e. standpipe road and a passageway to State Street.

-Manager Reed recommended extending the public hearing to the next meeting and have Barney present a proposal on how to correct the traffic and road problems.

-Allan Thomas expressed concerns with section General Requirements
        -Open spaces
-No buildings on cul-de-sacs
        -Private streets needing to stay private
        -Trees must remain in center of cul-de-sacs
        -911 – Continuous roads need to have the same names
        -Stump dump: A place has not been designated

-John Manter moved to continue the public hearing until March 5, 2001 and table the application until that meeting.

Item 3: Comprehensive Planning:

-The Planning Board received a draft copy of the Comprehensive Plan from Rob Freeman for their review.

Item 4: Old School Re-use:

-Manager Reed gave the Planning Board an update on Penquis Cap’s proposal to use the old school for affordable senior housing.

John Manter moves to adjourn the Planning Board meeting. Motion seconded by Harold Pinkham. Meeting adjourned @ 8:30 p.m. All members were in favor.


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