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Planning Board Minutes 5/15/01
                             Town of Veazie Planning Board
                                Minutes of May 15, 2001 Meeting

Chris Cronan called the meeting to order @ 7:05 p.m.

Present: Board Members: Chris Cronan (chairman), Harold Pinkham, John Manter, Steve Shaler, Terry Studley, Town Officials: William Reed (manager), Allan Thomas (CEO), Rick Violette (Town attorney), Rob Freeman (comprehensive plan), Beckie-Jo Woods (secretary), Applicant Representatives: Barney & Robin Silver (applicant), Don Becker (CES), Jim Parker (CES), Members of the Public: Scott Knight, Patti & Ken Robertson, Tom Russell, Tom Drummond, Barbara & Bill Dalton, Carol Arnold, Debbie Hill Hunter, Bruce & Susan Barker, Suzanne Malis-Anderson.

Consideration of Minutes:

-John Manter moved to accept the minutes of the April 2nd meeting as prepared. Harold Pinkham seconded the motion.

Item 1: Continuation of Public Hearing – Silver’s Subdivision:

-Don Becker gave an overview of the revised subdivision plan. He explained that he met with Allan Thomas and they discussed some of the conditions and formalities, which will be taken care of if the plan is approved. He presented the Board with a map that indicated where the open space will be and the percent of space that will be set aside. He stated that there would be 400,000 square feet of open space. He mentioned a letter he received from Sebago Technics, which stated that the applicant has responded to all of their questions, and they have no additional concerns.

-Chris Cronan asked if a letter has been received from Manager Reed regarding the impact on Municipal Services. Don Becker requested that the letter be one of the conditions of approval.

-John Manter asked about the curb data not being on the map. Don Becker explained that there is a table of dimensions on the map. He also stated that street detail would be included on the final mylar.

-Chris Cronan asked if the final mylar would show the streetlights and hydrants. Don Becker showed the Board where there are some hydrants on the current plan. Jim Parker stated that if the plan were approved, he would meet with the fire chief to discuss where the permanent placement of hydrants will be. Chris Cronan also mentioned the covenants to the sewer and asked if that had been taken care of. Jim Parker explained that it was done at a previous meeting.

-Terry Studley asked if the lots would be connected to the same sewer lines as Buck Hill. Jim Parker stated that the lots will connect to same lines as Buck Hill, and the lines have the capacity to serve the extra lots.
-Don Becker mentioned to Steve Shaler that the pump is located at the end of the right-of-way, and it will be part of the sewer easement.

-John Manter mentioned the stumps and where are they intended to go. The Board agreed they didn’t want them in the open space.

-Chris Cronan opened the public hearing @ 7:30 p.m. He made a note to the public that the revised plan consists of only fourteen (14) lots, which doesn’t require a second access road.

-Tom Drummond expressed concerns with the subdivision and having only one access. He felt that the Town needs to work with the large landowners and establish a comprehensive and master plan.

-Suzanne Malis-Anderson stated that she just found out about the public hearing. She mentioned that it was not posted on the website or on the cable channel. Her concerns were with the increase in noise and the wildlife in the area of the subdivision. She would also like something in the ordinance requiring everyone to receive notice of public hearings individually.

-Chris Cronan mentioned that current ordinance requires 30-40%of open space that is set aside for subdivisions. He also advised her to speak with Manager Reed about the notification of public hearings.

-Bruce Barber mentioned the added traffic and noise. He also stated that there are twenty-six (26) lots there now with only one access, adding fourteen (14) more will only cause more problems. He would also like some speed control on Jackson Drive and Buck Hill. He mentioned that the ordinance states that the maximum length for a dead end road is 2000 feet.

-Rick Violette stated that the dead end section of the ordinance can be interpreted in different ways and advised the Board to interpret that section the way they see fit.

-Scott Knight mentioned that he feels there is only one way to interpret the ordinance and he felt that Planning Board should have addressed the issue previous to this application.

-Don Becker explained that Jackson Drive was not intended to be a dead end road. He stated that if the length of road is measured form the last location where a right or left turn can be made, the road is under the maximum length allowed. He also stated that for Jackson Drive to continue, Barney’s subdivision needs to be approved.

-Sue Barker expressed that she would like the Comprehensive Plan completed before the subdivision application is ruled on.

-Chris Cronan explained that the application at this stage can not be put on hold, it either has to be approved or denied.

-Jim Parker mentioned that the Town is proposing funds to develop a master plan, but if the Town doesn’t work with the larger land owners, we may not be able to use their land for walking, etc.

-Tom Russell asked about the water pressure on Buck Hill and inquired as to whether or not the added lots would decrease the pressure. He also asked if a final analysis of the traffic impact has been received. He stated that he agrees with the school on the phasing of the lots to only five (5) per year.

-Jim Parker stated that the new homes would not decrease the water pressure on Buck Hill.

-Don Becker explained that the traffic analysis took place before his involvement with the application, he stated that the analysis was taken care of when the preliminary application was approved.

-Terry Studley agreed with the publics’ concerns on needing a Comprehensive Plan, but also stated that Barney should be able to proceed with the subdivision.

-Tom Russell mentioned possibly making a plan of where all the roads should go in the future and putting these roads on an official map so the landowners have to abide by them.

-Sue Barber inquired about building a construction road.

-Jim Parker explained that they have looked at building a construction road, but it would not be cost effective at this point.

-Chris Cronan moved to adjourn the public hearing @ 8:30 p.m.

-Chris Cronan mentioned the traffic study and that the ordinance requires a study to be done for subdivisions of fifteen (15) or more lots. A study is not required for this subdivision because it is only fourteen (14) lots and has less than 200 trips per day.

-Allan Thomas suggested putting a condition in that prohibits placing the stumps in the open space.

The conditions of approval are as follows:

1.      Sales will be limited to five (5) lot sales per twelve (12) month period.
2.      Letter of approval from the Road Commissioner (Manager Reed), and a letter stating the impact on Municipal Services from Manager Reed.
3.      Legal descriptions and documents.
4.      The stumps shall be located to the satisfaction of the Planning Board, not in the open space.

-Steve Shaler stated that there would not be added danger to the existing residents on Buck Hill and Jackson Drive; the added danger will only affect the new residents of the subdivision.

-John Manter was absent from discussion from 8:15 to 8:40 p.m. due to fire emergency.

-Harold Pinkham had to leave the meeting at 9:20 p.m. and was absent at time of voting. He stated to the secretary that his vote was in favor of the subdivision.

-John Manter moved for conditional approval of Barney Silver’s subdivision under the conditions provided (1-4 above). Terry Studley seconded the motion.

-Vote was five (5) to zero (0)-All members were in favor, motion carries.

Item 2: Comprehensive Plan:

-Manager Reed and Comprehensive Plan consultant Rob Freeman gave a brief update on where the Comprehensive Plan Stood. The mapping just needed to be reviewed and any necessary changes made.

Comments on Mapping:

-All maps need to be dated.

Recreation Open Space Map:

-The Planning Board would like the Salmon Club included on the map.
-The farmland portion of Webster’s farm shown on map.
-Brown for farmland only
-A designation for forestland.

Shoreland Zoning Map:

-Hydric soil shown with a bold color in contrast with resource areas.
-Streams shown in black.
-Resource protection district-Needs a designator.
-Label the Penobscot River.

Critical Resources Map:

-The cul-de-sac designations on Silver Ridge need to be removed form the map.
-Need guidelines to soil designations & sub-headings.
-Wetland information is incomplete.
-All soils contained within the wetlands shown on the Shoreland Zoning Map, need to be shown on the Critical Resources Map also.
-Remove the paper street extending North from Ridgeview Drive.
-Add footnotes to state where the soil information came from.

Zoning Map:

-Elwyn Jackson’s parcel of land needs to be added as commercial land.

Soil & Water Features Map:

-The water shed break down along Silver Ridge is shown incorrectly.
-The minor watershed located inside the major watersheds need to be the same color scheme.
-Topo lines underlying everything.
-Remove all lot designations.

Comprehensive Plan map:

-Structures in Table H, referred to on the map should be a bold color.
-Need to add the structure located at 1592 State Street to the map.

Other Business:

-Allan Thomas explained that he received a letter from Edmond Bearor on behalf of Penquis Cap. The letter stated that the ordinance as it is currently, does not allow for twenty (20) units of senior housing. Although, the current and newly revised Comprehensive Plan encourages senior housing. Allan mentioned that some amendments might have to be made to the ordinance. This will be discussed at the next meeting.

-Chris Cronan moved to adjourn the meeting @ 10:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted:

Beckie-Jo Woods
Assistant Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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