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Plannig Board Minutes 3/05/01
Town of Veazie Planning Board
         Minutes of March 5, 2001 meeting

Chris Cronan called the meeting to order @ 7:00 p.m.

PRESENT: Board members: Chris Cronan (chairman), Steve Shaler, John Manter, Harold Pinkham, Terry Studley, Town Officials: Chairman Hathaway, William Reed (manager), Allan Thomas (CEO), Rick Violette (town’s attorney), Beckie Woods (asst. clerk), Applicant Representatives: Barney Silver (applicant), Don Becker (CES), Jim Parker (CES), Ed Bearor (Silver’s attorney), Members of the public: Carol Arnold, Bruce Barber, William Dalton, Vickie Collins, Pete Collins, Alan MacLean, Scott Knight, Mike Monroe, Lyndsey Monroe, Mark Hunter, Debbie Hill Hunter, Tom Drummond, Terri Carr, Thomas Chappelle, Carolyn Chappell.

Consideration of Minutes:
-John Manter mentioned that the date of the next meeting needs to be changed from
3-2-01 to 3-5-01.
-Chris Cronan stated that Item 3 & 4 of the previous meeting were missing from the minutes.
-John Manter moved to accept the minutes with the correction of the date and the addition of Item 3 & 4. Harold Pinkham seconded the motion. All members were in favor.

Item 1 & 2 Reconvene Public Hearing & Consideration of Silver’s Subdivision:

Public Hearing opened @ 7:05 p.m.

-Chris Cronan stated that the Planning Board received letters from Carol Arnold and Tom Russell concerning the traffic and safety issues with Barney Silver’s proposed subdivision.

-Ed Bearor explained that Barney, CES representatives and himself would like the Planning Board to grant a continuance on the subdivision application. This would allow them to reduce the number of lots to 14 and address public’s concerns.

-Bruce Barber wanted clarification as to the current proposal and if the whole application is being withdrawn.

-Jim Parker explained that the application was not being withdrawn, only revised.

-Chris Cronan gave the option of withdrawing the application and starting over, or the Planning Board rejecting the application.

-Ed Bearor felt that the information received from the Fire Dept., School Dept., etc. should be sufficient for fewer lots as it was for more lots.
-Bruce Barber stated that a petition was presented to Allan Thomas with 39 citizens’ signatures. The petition stated concerns with using Jackson Drive as the only access to the Silver’s Subdivision.

-Counselor Hathaway stated that in the future he would like to see a consulting staff hired to oversee any future construction in the Town of Veazie. He also would like in the future, before the next subdivision is proposed, that a team of experts hired to make a master plan for where roads should be placed.

-Rick Violette explained that the Public Hearing does not need to be closed if a continuance is granted, but if a significant change is made, the Public Hearing will need to be re-advertised.

-Pete Collins mentioned that the water pressure is very low at his residence on Buck Hill and asked if the subdivision will decrease the pressure even more.

-Jim Parker explained that the pressure would not change with the addition of more homes.

-John Manter moved to continue the Public Hearing until 5-14-01, to allow Barney to make some adjustments, with the provision that a workshop with the applicant and the Planning Board is held on 04-02-01.Terry Studley seconded the motion. All members were in favor.

Item 3: Comprehensive Planning:

-John Manter gave an outline on the preliminary Comprehensive Plan that was presented by Rob Freeman at the previous meeting.

-Chris Cronan expressed concerns with the affordable housing section of the plan. He asks why we need this section when the Town has plenty of affordable housing.

-Manager Reed explained that at this time, the Town has over the amount of affordable housing required. In the event of one of the trailer parks closing, the Town will then need to look at providing affordable housing.

-Chris Cronan mentioned the following items:
1.      Adding a section pertaining to a master plan for the Town.
2.      Changing the wording in the Economic Development section.
3.      He would like a report stating what benefits have come from the gas power plant.
4.      The wording on page 82 from “Town Forrester” to something else.
5.      The wording on page 85, section 111, J-A-1, from “encourage affordable housing” to “strive to maintain affordable housing”.
6.      Page 86-Recreation: Stating that all recreation activities should be in the center of Town.
A.      John Manter explained that the survey that was done stated that 73.6% of the people wanted the recreation activities to stay in the village.
7.      Chris felt the wording in the open space section was to vague.
A.      John Manter stated that there is more of a description in the land use section.
8.      Would like to have a land trust for open spaces.
9.      Concerns with the Commercial Development section.
10.     Page 103, Change wording from “Creation of Master Open Space Plan” to “Creation of Master Plan”.
-Manager Reed recommended that he will speak with the Town’s attorney to see if he can provide the case law on the issue of two access roads to the Silver’s Subdivision.

-John Manter moved to adjourn the meeting @ 9:50 p.m. All members were in favor.


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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