Fire Department
Fire Chief
Gerry Martin
Fire Prevention is Everyone's Business

The Veazie Fire Department is a paid on-call fire department providing 24-hour fire and first responder medical service.

Veazie Fire Department Veazie Fire has an on-duty certified Firefighter II/EMT in the station 7 days a week from 7am to 5pm. The day firefighter is responsible for daily maintenance and equipment checks, pre-plans, fire prevention activities and inspections, emergency response and community service.

Veazie Fire maintains an active roster of 6 officers, 16 firefighters of which 10 are certified firefighter II, and 3 are certified firefighter I. On the medical side of the 22 members, 9 are licensed emergency medical technicians at the basic level, and all members members are trained annually in Basic First Aid and CPR. The Veazie Fire Department is a state licensed first responder squad qualified at the Basic EMT level.Three of the firefighters are trained to the Hazardous Material Technician Level with the entire department trained to the operations Decon level.

Veazie Fire has two class A pumpers. Engine 191 is a 1992 Central States 1250/1000 and Engine 193 is a 1980 Mack 1250/750. Veazie also has a 1999 Chevrolet Suburban used as a First Responder Unit.