Town of Veazie, Maine
1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
ph: (207) 947-2781
Recycling Information

Recycling Guide
All items may be placed in one container and does not need to be sorted.
Will Take:
Will Not Take:
White & Colored Paper, Office Paper & Envelopes, Newsprint, Inserts & Junkmail, Magazines & Catalogs, Phone Books & Paperbacks, Cardboard (flattened)
Will not take napkins, towels, tissues, pizza boxes, hardcover books, waxed cardboard or paper.
Milk Cartons, Drink Boxes, Frozen Food Packaging
Will not take plastic lined cartons, straws or pop tops, liquids or food waste.
Food & Beverage Glass, Clear and Colored Glass
Will not take light bulbs, ceramic, dishes or stemware, window or mirrow glass.
Aluminum Cans, Steel, Tin Bimetal Cans
Will not take scrap metal or car parts.
Household Plastic Containers, Milk & Water Jugs, Soda & Juice Bottles, Shampoo and Soap Containers, Vitamin Bottles, Yogurt, Deli, To Go Containers
Will not take plastic bags, film or wrap, styrofoam, buckets, sheeting, tarps, furniture, pools, baby bathtubs, molded plastic parts, toys, hangers or other non-container plastics.