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Council Minutes October 5, 2009

PRESENT:        Chairman Perkins, Councilor Hathaway, Councilor Friedman, Councilor King,  Manager W. Reed, Deputy Clerk K. Humphrey, Parks & Recreation Director R. Young, Laura Rose Day, Jeff Reardon, Travis Noyes, Jerry Livengood, John Kunz.  Councilor Parker was absent and excused.
ITEM 1. The October 5, 2009 Veazie Town Council meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.

ITEM 2. Consideration of the Minutes
It was noted that in item 8 it should be a right hand turn instead of left.
Motion By:  Councilor King —to accept the September 8, 2009 meeting minutes
as amended.  Seconded:  Councilor Hathaway, Voted 4-0 in favor.
ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda
There were no additions to the agenda.

ITEM 4a.        Bangor Gas
Manager Reed outlined that he invited Jerry Livengood and John Kunz to the meeting to discuss future development.  It was outlined that a certain number of customers are needed to install new lines due to the cost of the service line that needs to be installed.    

There was discussion about putting an “application” in a newsletter to see where there was interest and also perhaps holding a meeting over at the school to provide information.  It would be good if any installation could coincide with any road work the Town does.

ITEM 5a.        Penobscot River Restoration Trust (Taken out of order)
Laura Rose Day, the executive director for the Penobscot River Restoration Trust and Jeff Reardon of Trout Unlimited were present to give an update on the progress of the project.

Laura Rose Day outlined that in October of 2003 the trust released the conceptual design for the project.  Last summer they were able to raise the funds to buy the dams.  FERC has since published recommended approval of dam removal and the Army Corps has issued its permit and is awaiting public comment.  She outlined that they will own everything PPL owned in Veazie including the power house.  The Trust, however, is not interested in owning land long term.  First the Trust would like to see whether the Town has an interest in the power house and if they can accommodate that before entertaining any outside interests.    

Jeff Reardon outlined that assuming they complete their permitting early this winter, have funding in place and can move forward with final design plans, they will hopefully be removing the Great Works dam next summer.  The Veazie dam cannot be removed until the new fish lift is built at the Milford dam and that could be possibly constructed next summer.  It is possible for the Veazie dam to be removed in 2011 but if not, in 2012.  

Councilor Hathaway stated it would be a real shame to let this opportunity go by.  He would like to see something done with the power house, it’s a great piece of history.    
Chairman Perkins inquired on how long after they remove the dam will they retain ownership.  Laura Rose Day stated they hope to transfer ownership as soon as possible.  There was discussion on having a workshop and getting some ideas for the power house.

ITEM 4b.        Public Hearing – G.A. Ordinance Revisions
Motion By:  Councilor Hathaway—to open a public hearing on the proposed General Assistance Appendices.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman, Voted 4-0 in favor.
There were no comments from the public.

Motion By:  Councilor Hathaway—to adjourn the public hearing and enter back into regular session.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman, Voted 4-0 in favor.

Motion By:  Councilor Hathaway—to formally adopt the MMA Model Ordinance General Assistance Appendixes (A-C) for the period of October 1, 2009 through October 1, 2010.  Seconded:  Councilor King, Voted 4-0 in favor.

ITEM 5b.        Highway Projects Update – CES, Inc.
Travis Noyes outlined that CES, Inc. is pushing right along with road design, they are about 95% complete.  The biggest effort was in the Wedgewood/Davis area due to drainage issues.  He stated that they will also be looking at the Thompson Road culvert and letting the Council know their recommendation for that.  It was discovered that the culvert was failing and would need to be replaced.  The depth of the culvert and the location of utilities will make the project complex.     

ITEM 6. Comments from the Public
There were no comments from the public.

ITEM 7. Manager’s Report
The Town Councilors reviewed the following items:
a)      Copies of correspondence regarding the TIF reimbursement with Casco Bay Energy Company
b)      Copies of two letters regarding monetary donations for Project Graduation.
c)      A copy of a letter from the American Red Cross requesting a municipal contribution to the Pine Tree Chapter.
d)      A copy of a thank you letter from the American Folk Festival for the Town’s contribution.
e)      A copy of a presentation from the Mobilize Maine Regional Kickoff Meeting that the Town participated in.  

ITEM 8. Requests for Information and Town Council Comments
Councilor King inquired on the status of the old cruiser out in the parking lot.  Manager Reed stated that an auction house will be coming to get it so that it can be auctioned off.  

Councilor Hathaway inquired whether the Town could conduct an audit of the street lights.  There seem to be a lot that are off or are flickering.  Chief Leonard stated that the Police Department audit them each month and send a list to Bangor Hydro.  Councilor Hathaway proposed perhaps withholding payment to get their attention so that they would address issues in a more timely manner.    

Councilor Hathaway stated that he had heard that there was a homeless person sleeping at the senior center.  Chief Leonard stated that the department received a report on it and when they got there the individual was gone.  There was discussion on the senior center being unlocked.  Chief Leonard stated that he has written letters to the Orono Housing Foundation suggesting locks for the doors.  They have had vandalism problems as well as kids just hanging out there.     

ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 6, 6A &7, Town Payroll Warrant 6 & 7 were circulated for signature.  
ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor King —to adjourn the October 5, 2009 Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor  Hathaway —there was no further discussion. Voted 4-0. Meeting adjourned 8:28 pm.

A true record, Attest:

Karen Humphrey
Deputy Clerk
Town of Veazie


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
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