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Council Minutes September 8, 2009
PRESENT:        Chairman Perkins, Councilor Hathaway, Councilor Friedman, Councilor King, Councilor Parker, Manager W. Reed, Deputy Clerk K. Humphrey, Parks & Recreation Director R. Young,  Members of the Public Suzanne Malis-Andersen and Touradj Solouki.
ITEM 1. The September 8, 2009 Veazie Town Council meeting was called to order at 7:01PM.

ITEM 2. Consideration of the Minutes
It wasn’t noted that Councilor Hathaway and Councilor Friedman were absent and excused in the minutes.
Motion By:  Councilor King—to accept the August 3, 2009 meeting minutes as amended.  Seconded:  Councilor Parker, Voted 3-0-2 in favor.  Councilor Hathaway and Councilor Friedman abstained.  
ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda
There were no additions to the agenda.

ITEM 4a.        Committee Applicants Meeting
Two of the five applicants for the Planning Board positions were present to meet with the Town Council and answer any questions.  

Suzanne Malis-Andersen outlined that a lot of work has been put in to the Town’s comprehensive plan.  She state that it would be good to have some new faces but it is also important to have a few of the people who have been around for a while and have experience.  

She outlined that the Town needs businesses to come into Town to help with taxes however she would like to see something along the lines of smart growth.  She would not want to see a business come in to Town that would send the Town into an uproar.  People live in Veazie for many reasons, she would like to see that quality of life maintained.  The Town has room for growth but not a huge amount like Bangor and Brewer, the Town is limited as to what it can do.

Touradj Solouki reiterated Suzanne’s comments.  If appointed to the board he hopes to contribute his knowledge and expertise.

Councilor Parker outlined that one of the biggest things the Town needs to do is something with economic development.  

Chairman Perkins outlined that he thought new members should start out as associate members to gain experience before they can move into a full voting position.  

There was discussion on economic development.  Manager Reed outlined that you can’t tax new business equipment so bringing in all kinds of new businesses doesn’t really help if you can’t tax them.  

There was also discussion on the site plan process.  Councilor Parker outlined that if a business left and a new business wanted to come in and the facility was already zoned for the new business’ use that they shouldn’t have to go through a site plan review.  Many towns have amended their land use ordinance to allow that, however Veazie still requires a site plan review.                                  

Councilor Hathaway stated that he would like to see a joint meeting with the Planning Board to set some philosophy or goals .  Manager Reed stated he would     invite the Planning Board to the Council’s October meeting if the Council wished.

ITEM 4b.        Resolution Discussion
Manager Reed outlined that included in the Councilor’s packets were two draft resolutions on the TABOR II issue and the excise measure.  Councilor Hathaway outlined that if the Council is going to do resolutions it should take a position on all issues on the ballot.  It was stated that people may look to the Council for guidance on issues.  The Council would like information on the issues on the cable channel and in the newsletter so people will know it these measures will affect them and their community.   

ITEM 5a.        Committee Appointments
Motion By:  Councilor Hathaway—to appoint Suzanne Malis-Andersen and Chris Cronan as full time members of the Planning Board with a three year term ending in June 2012 and Touradj Solouki, Kevin Carr and Kent Tableman as associate members of the Planning Board with a one year term ending in June 2010.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman, Voted 4-0-1 in favor.  

Councilor Hathaway stated perhaps they should attend the Planning Board’s next meeting so they can discuss philosophy.    

ITEM 6. Comments from the Public
There were no comments from the public.

ITEM 7. Manager’s Report
  • The Town Council reviewed a copy of the Town’s financials
  • The Town Council reviewed a copy of a letter from Maine Municipal Association regarding a grant the Fire Department received.
  • The Town Council reviewed a copy of a service certificate for Manager Reed’s 20 years of service.
  • The Town Council reviewed a copy of a memo from the Town’s intern regarding the design and placement of a town notification sign.
  • The Town Council reviewed a copy of a letter from Maine Municipal Association regarding dividends that are being paid to the Town.  
ITEM 8. Requests for Information and Town Council Comments
Councilor Hathaway commented that there wasn’t enough warning on State Street that the road was closed from Mt. Hope on.  Individuals are making quick right hand turns on to Mt. Hope Avenue.  

ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 4, 5 & 5A, Town Payroll Warrant 4 & 5 were circulated for signature.  
ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor King —to adjourn the September 8, 2009 Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor Hathaway—there was no further discussion. Voted 5-0. Meeting adjourned 8:14 pm.

A true record, Attest:

Karen Humphrey
Deputy Clerk
Town of Veazie


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
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