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Council Minutes November 26, 2007
PRESENT:        Chairman Friedman, Councilor Hathaway, Councilor Parker, Councilor King Councilor Perkins, Manager W. Reed, Deputy Clerk K. Humphrey, Police Chief M. Leonard,  Fire Chief G. Martin, Cheryl Daigle and Jeff Reardon from the Penobscot River Restoration Trust.

ITEM 1. The November 26, 2007 Veazie Town Council meeting was called to order at 7:00PM.
ITEM 2. Consideration of the Minutes
Motion By:  Councilor King —to accept the October 29, 2007 meeting minutes as written.  Seconded: Councilor Perkins, Voted 5-0 in favor.

ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda
No additions were made to the agenda.
ITEM 4a.        Penobscot River Restoration Update
Cheryl Daigle outlined that the Trust had reached its private fund raising goal of $10 million.  With the structure of the agreement, the Trust now holds an option to purchase the dams.  The next step would be to get state and federal permits.  She outlined that any construction done would not be until around 2011, 2010 at the earliest if everything went smoothly.  

Councilor Perkins inquired on how much flood protection the dams provide.  Jeff Reardon stated that the dams do not provide any flood protection.  

Councilor Hathaway inquired on what would become of the power house.  Jeff Reardon stated that it still remains to be unseen, anyone who has an interest is more than welcome to come forward.  He added that some of the turbines will be recycled and put into other dams.  Councilor Hathaway noted that the power house has historical value and would like to see it preserved in some way.
ITEM 5a.        Ambulance Agreement – Follow-up
Manager Reed stated that the contract has been finalized and signed.  The ambulance has been brought down and staff has gone over it to see if there is anything wrong with it and what it needs for supplies.

Chief Martin stated that letters have gone out to Chuck Mehan of Capital Ambulance and James Ryan of Penobscot Regional Dispatch to inform them that the Town is switching to Orono for coverage.  Capital Ambulance will serve as the primary backup in the event that Orono is unable to respond.    

ITEM 5b.        Waste Management Agreement Extension
Manager Reed stated that included in the Councilor’s packets was a solid waste collection contract extension notice.  The proposed rate adjustment is 1.4%, which Manager Reed felt was very acceptable.  Staff is recommending an approval of the extension.   

Councilor Hathaway outlined that he was concerned with the quality of service.  He recalled the mess they made in Town last spring and their untimely schedule.  He would like to see the Town look at alternative sources in the next 12 months.   

Manager Reed outlined how single stream processing would have a larger impact in the near future.  In till reduce transportation /collection times and make it easier for the resident to recycle.  It was noted that several southern Maine communities are undertaking the new process.                               
ITEM 6.         Comments from the Public
No comments from the public.

ITEM 7. Manager’s Report
a.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the Storm Water Group’s progress report which was submitted to the State.
b.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of a statement from MMA’s Risk Management Services showing this year the Town received $3,745 in credits from our safety programs.  
c.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the Fire Department’s monthly report.
d.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the School Committee’s meeting minutes and agenda.

Manager Reed outlined that Councilor Hathaway had sent in a copy of an article on American flags.  Cole’s Transportation Museum has a program that gives communities 24 flag at no charge when they purchase 24 flags.  Superintendent of Public Works, Butch Free is looking into the program.   

ITEM 8. Requests for Information and Town Council Comments
Councilor Hathaway and Chairman Friedman updated the Council on the School Consolidation meetings.  Councilor Hathaway outlined that it makes sense that Orono, Veazie and Glenburn come together as a unit.  Chairman Friedman outlined that Orono would like all secondary students from Veazie to attend Orono only and no longer have school choice.  Councilor Hathaway added that the whole point of this consolidation is to decrease administrative costs, however committees are talking about everything but.    

Manager Reed stated that staff would like to close on Christmas Eve since it falls on a Monday.  Staff would be using their vacation accrual to cover the time.  It was the consensus of the Council to close on Christmas Eve and the Town employees could use their vacation time.  

Manager Reed showed the Council the reusable grocery bags that Conservation Commissioner Suzanne Malis-Andersen had made up with the help of the students at the school.  Casco Bay Energy donated the money to have the bags produced.  The bags will be given away but donations of $2 per bag will be greatly appreciated.  The money will go to the Veazie Land Trust.  

ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 11, Town Payroll Warrant 1, School Warrant 11 and School Payroll Warrant 11were circulated and signed.  
ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor King—to adjourn the November 26, 2007 Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor Hathaway—there was no further discussion. Voted 5-0. Meeting adjourned 8:17 pm.

A true record, Attest:

Karen Humphrey
Deputy Clerk
Town of Veazie


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
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