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Council Minutes April 30, 2007
PRESENT:        Chairman Champaco, Councilor Friedman, Councilor King and Councilor Perkins; Manager W. Reed; Deputy Clerk K. Humphrey; Office Administrator J. Reed, CEO A. Thomas, Police Chief M. Leonard, Fire Chief G. Martin, Town Forester David Wardrop, John Rohman & Heather McCarthy of the American Folk Festival.    Councilor Hathaway arrived late and was excused.

ITEM 1. The April 30, 2007 Veazie Town Council meeting was called to order at 7:02PM.
ITEM 2. Consideration of the Minutes
Motion By:  Councilor Friedman —to accept the April 2, 2007 meeting minutes as written.  Seconded: Councilor King, Voted 4-0 in favor.  

ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda
Manager Reed outlined that the plant manager, Brian Ahern would not be able to make it to the meeting.  The Town Forester, David Wardrop will fill that opening on the agenda and discuss the proposed Davis land trade.  

ITEM 4a.        Appointment – Budget Committee
Motion By:  Councilor Perkins—to appoint Raymond Michaels to the Budget Committee for the open position with a term expiring on June 30th, 2009.  Seconded: Councilor Friedman, Voted 4-0 in favor.

ITEM 4b.        American Folk Festival Presentation
Heather McCarthy outlined that the American Folk Festival is produced by a local non-profit organization.  Approximately $1 million is raised each year.  The first festival had 80,000 people in attendance, last year there were 162,000.  She outlined that the largest number of festival attendees are Bangor area residents.  The ripple effect for the regional economy is some $6 million plus.

John Rohman stated that if they can get 7-8 surrounding communities contributing it gives them more of an advantage to seek funds from larger organizations like the National Council for Traditional Arts.    

Councilor Friedman stated that he would like the Town to donate $1,500 instead of the proposed $500.  He outlined that this event is not just a Bangor event, it’s a greater Bangor area event.  

Chairman Champaco inquired what fund this donation would be coming from.  Manager Reed outlined that it would come out of Community Events if the Council decides to give $500 or Economic Development if they give $1,500.  

Motion By: Councilor Friedman—to donate $1,500 from the Economic Development Fund to the American Folk Festival.  Seconded:  Councilor King, Voted 4-0 in favor.  

ITEM 4c.        Davis Land Trade Discussion
Town Forester David Wardrop was present to discuss some proposed trade options between the Town and the Davis Family.  He provided the Council with maps noting the different trade options.   
ITEM 4d.        Manager’s Review
The Council discussed the different methods they could use for the Manager’s Review.  Chairman Champaco stated that she liked the method they used last year.  It was the consensus to do the review with the same method used last year.

ITEM 5a.        Police Cruiser Bid
Chief Mark Leonard stated that he sent out seven requests for bids on a new police cruiser and only received two back.  One was from Thorton Brothers and the other was from Bangor Dodge.  He outlined that he would like to award the bid to Bangor Dodge.  

Chairman Champaco inquired whether the cruiser would be the same as the current one.  Chief Mark Leonard stated it would be another Dodge Charger.    

Councilor Hathaway inquired whether the department has had any maintenance issues with the current cruiser.  Chief Mark Leonard stated that one stumbling block was with the breaking system pads, they wore out quickly, however that issue has been resolved.  There have been no issues with the transmission.

Councilor Perkins inquired on how many miles a year the department puts on the cruisers.  Chief Mark Leonard stated they put any where from 55,000 to 60,000.    

Councilor Hathaway inquired whether the Chief had looked into lease purchase options.  Chief Mark Leonard stated that he and Manager Reed had discussed it and that he was not against it.  It was decided that Manager Reed would create a spreadsheet to show a comparison of lease purchase versus a regular purchase.  

Councilor King inquired what will happen to the old Intrepid.  Chief Mark Leonard stated that it will be put out bid.    

Motion By:  Councilor King—to award the police cruiser bid to Bangor Dodge in the amount of $28,080 which includes the vehicle and emergency equipment.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman, Voted 5-0 in favor.  

ITEM 5b.        Wireless Update
Manager Reed stated that at the present time, RedZone has been delayed in conducting the RF study to be conducted by Sky Pilot.  They had outlined that they are back logged with requests from communities that were in line first.  Manager Reed also stated that RedZone is interested in working with the Town on a survey and will assist staff with questions that will be applicable to business and residential users.  Staff has offered the use of the Town’s bulk mailing permit, return mail permit and staff time to put it together.   

ITEM 5c.        Transfers
Motion By:  Councilor Perkins—to transfer $78,947 from the General Fund - Undesignated Fund to the Designated TIF Fund.  Seconded:  Councilor King, Voted 5-0 in favor.         

This transfer must be recorded to adjust monies owed to the TIF district.  The general fund collected the revenues but it was not transferred to the district.  

Motion By:  Councilor Friedman—to transfer $70,000 from the General Fund – Undesignated Fund to the Designated Municipal Credit Reserve.  Seconded:  Councilor Perkins, Voted 5-0 in favor.  

This transfer is to replenish the Municipal Credit Reserve so a portion of it can be used during the upcoming budget cycle.

Motion By:  Councilor Friedman—to transfer $13,000 from the General Fund – Undesignated Fund to the Designated Paid Leave Reserve Account.  Seconded:  Councilor Perkins, Voted 5-0 in favor.

This transfer is to fund the Town’s sick time and vacation time liability account.  It is recommended that the reserve hold a third of the outstanding liability.  

There was discussion on the ball fields and who is responsible for maintaining them.  Councilor Perkins stated that he thought the Public Works Department did a lot for the school property.  He stated that he considered the ball fields school property and they should budget for the maintenance of it.  Councilor Perkins also inquired about the tractor that the Town gave to the school.  Manager Reed stated that the school gave the tractor away.  

Councilor Friedman inquired why the recommended transfer is from the cemetery fund.  Manager Reed outlined that the cemetery fund has $11,000 in it which would have been used for the watering system, however the cost of the system was too much and the project was cancelled.  

Councilor Hathaway stated that the ball fields are their for the public’s enjoyment.  He outlined that it has always been developed by the Town.  He added that he would hate to see monies transferred and would like to see the item go through the budget process like every other item.  Councilor Hathaway pointed out that the cemetery is in need of some work.

Councilor Hathaway outlined that it was too late to do any work on the field this year and recommended it go through the budget process.

Chairman Champaco inquired what it would cost to do a one time fixer upper without straining the budget.  Manager Reed outlined that Parks & Recreation Director Rob Young is looking into costs for adding turface to the fields and fixing up the area.  

It was the consensus of the Council to table the item and wait to get some figures back from Parks & Recreation Director Rob Young.  

ITEM 6.         Comments from the Public
There were no comments from the public. 
ITEM 7. Manager’s Report
a.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the Legislative Bulletin #13 which detailed what is going on with the school consolidation plan in Augusta.  Manager Reed recommended inviting the School Committee to a future meeting to discuss their thoughts on this matter.  
b.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of a memo from CEO/Assessor Allan Thomas regarding vehicle washing here at the municipal building.
c.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of a memo from Police Chief Mark Leonard regarding a registered sex offender.
d.      The Town Council reviewed the Fire Department’s monthly report.
e.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the BACT’s newsletter.
f.      The Town Council reviewed a copy of the School Committee’s meeting minutes and agenda.    

ITEM 8. Requests for Information and Town Council Comments
Councilor Hathaway inquired about the number of sex offenders in Town.

Councilor Hathaway pointed out that the picture on the back of the BACT’s newsletter is that of the old wooden bridge on Main Street here in Veazie.
ITEM 9. Town Warrant 22 & 22A, Town Payroll 22, School Warrant 22 & 22A, School Lunch Warrant 22 and School Payroll 22 were circulated and signed.

ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor Friedman—to adjourn the April 30, 2007 Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor King—there was no further discussion. Voted 5-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

A true record, Attest:

Karen Humphrey
Deputy Clerk
Town of Veazie


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