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Council Minutes 6/17/2002
PRESENT:        Chairman Hathaway, Councilor Hogan, Councilor Cheney, Councilor Kelly and Councilor Friedman; Manager Reed, CEO A. Thomas, Assistant Clerk K. Gifford, Police Chief Mark Leonard, CES Representatives Pete Tuell and Jim Parker, Members of the Public Frank St . Louis and Ray Michaels.

ITEM 1a.        The June 17, 2002 Veazie Town Council was called to order at 7:00 PM.
ITEM 1b.        Motion By:  Councilor Friedman—to elect Councilor Hathaway to Chair of the Town Council.  No other nominations were made.  Seconded:  Councilor Cheney, Voted 4-0-1 in favor.  Chairman Hathaway abstained.

        Motion By:  Councilor Cheney—to elect Councilor Friedman to Protem Chair of the Town Council.  No other nominations were made.  Seconded:  Chairman Hathaway, Voted 4-0-1 in favor.  Councilor Friedman abstained.  

ITEM 2. Consideration of minutes:
Motion By: Councilor Friedman —to accept June 3, 2002 minutes as written. Seconded:  Councilor Cheney, Vote 3-0 in favor. Councilor Kelly and Councilor Hogan abstained due to not being present at the June 3, 2002 meeting.  
ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda:  There were no additions made to the agenda.    

ITEM 4. Public Comments: There were no comments from the public.

ITEM 5a.        Welcome of New Councilor
Chairman Hathaway welcomed Councilor Hogan.  Manager Reed outlined that he and other newly elected persons had already been sworn in the day after the election.

ITEM 5b.        Presentation of Plaque
        Chairman Hathaway stated that on behalf of the Council he had a plaque for Ray Michaels.  Chairman Hathaway read the plaque and presented it to Ray Michaels for his service as a Councilor from 1999 to 2002.  Ray Michaels discussed his plan to start up a science and robotics club at the school.  Chairman Hathaway thanked Ray Michaels for his valuable in sight and detailed thoughts.  

ITEM 5c.        Election Signs
Councilor Friedman stated he had asked for an update on elections signs because he felt signs were not being picked up quick enough.  He noted that after CEO Thomas did some investigating it was revealed that signs had to be picked up within a week.

Chairman Hathaway inquired on whether there were signs detailing where election signs could be placed during voting hours here at the municipal building.  CEO Thomas stated that there were signs on both sides of the street for people to see from each direction coming down the road detailing where election signs were limited.

ITEM 5d.        Set Meeting Time and Dates
It was the consensus of the Council to keep the meeting times the same, being every other Monday at 7:00 PM.  Chairman Hathaway stated that hopefully in the future holidays can be addressed in advance.  Councilor Friedman commented on perhaps spreading the budget process out instead of meeting with all department heads in one night that way more questions can be asked.  Manager Reed stated he will have a calendar drawn up that will show all meetings for the coming year.    

ITEM 6a.        Municipal Building Update
        Pete Tuell stated that right now Buck Construction was in the first phase of construction.  The construction team has jacked the structure up and is working on the two channel beams.  This phase should be completed by Thursday night.  Pete Tuell outlined that it was a fairly straight forward procedure.  Chairman Hathaway inquired on whether it was safe to walk out in the fire bay.  Pete Tuell stated that it was safe.

        Councilor Cheney inquired on what happened to the idea of digging down a foot.   Pete Tuell stated that it was cheaper by some $18,000 to go up rather than down.  Concerns on grade was also a factor.

Pete Tuell stated he has spoken with the Town’s electrician and they are on a path to get the electronic components taken care of.   Once this is done Buck Construction can come in and start working on the front of the building.  Once the front of the building is operational they can fill in the doors on the side of the Town Office entrance.

Chairman Hathaway inquired on what the budget was for the renovation.  Manager Reed stated the budget was in the $98,000 to $100,000 range, but it is going to cost more so everything can get done at once.  Pete Tuell reviewed the three different phases and their cost to the Town.  

Pete Tuell stated that currently the budget is $185,681 for the total renovation.  The ambulance bay addition was never really planned into the budget.  

Member of the public Frank St. Louis inquired on what Barney Silver would be doing on this project.  Jim Parker stated that Barney Silver is doing all of the site work which includes paving and drainage.

Pete Tuell passed out plans to the Council that CEO Thomas will be presenting to the Planning Board.  

        Jim Parker stated that siding and the retaining wall for the hill where parking will be isn’t included in the budget.  

Councilor Cheney asked what became of the plans that Dave Merritt had for the new entrance for the Town office.  Manager Reed stated that Dave Merritt had a number of siding designs to enhance the building.  He would like to have him work with CES to come up with some designs.  

Chairman Hathaway inquired on the cost of the additional spaces that require the retaining wall.  Pete Tuell stated that it would be in the range of $20,000 to $25,000.  Jim Parker added that it would cost $8,000 to $10,000 on the wall itself and then additional costs for cutting the hill back and paving.  Jim Parker also commented on the siding.  He would like too side everything that is visible except for the rear of the building.  Pete Tuell stated that Buck Construction told him that it would be cheaper to go over the existing siding.  

        The Council adjourned for fifteen minutes to go outside and look at the building and proposed plans.  The Council reconvened the meeting.  The consensus of the Council was to allow the Town Manager and CEO to continue working with the contractor to make the additional enhancements, walls, parking spaces, additional building length, lighting, doors, windows and siding.
ITEM 7. Manager’s Report:

7ai.   Enclosed was a copy of the concept design “a” version pertaining to the proposed new school addition.

7aii.  Enclosed was a copy of the building committee minutes to go along with the concept design “a” document enclosed.

7bi.   A memo pertaining to the police department’s FY 2002-2003 budget figures.  Manager Reed stated it explained the confusion of why the figure was higher than the original.  It was due to the addition of a $5,000 line item for a crossing guard.  Councilor Cheney inquired on whether Police Chief Mark Leonard had hired on yet.  Chief Mark Leonard stated that it is someone from Seaboard Security.  

Councilor Friedman stated he thought it was the understanding of the Council that a person would be found locally and the Town would pay them for their services.  Chief Mark Leonard stated that he went with Seaboard Security because they guaranteed that someone would be there every morning.  Seaboard Security charges $14.50 an hour, they would start August 28th and end June 12th.   Chief Mark Leonard stated that a supervisor checks the designated locations and if someone didn’t show up the supervisor will stay and fill the position or have someone there within 5-7 minutes.  Seaboard Security will also provide the vest and sign.  Councilor Friedman stated that he would like to see the Town run an ad for the position and hopefully get someone locally.  Councilor Cheney added that she would like for the Town to be able to offer the position to a resident at the senior housing.  Consensus was for the Chief to proceed with the option that he felt would work best for the safety of the children.     

7bii.  May 31, 2002 Balances of Investment Funds:
 TIF Developer Agency
Ø       Veazie Agency Account
Ø       Cemetery Perpetual Care Account
Ø       CBEC Agency Account  

7c.   A memo pertaining to the issue of quorum and special meetings from the Manager.  Manager Reed explained that where there are 3 councilors attending the Sewer District meeting on July 8th it will need to be documented by Town records.  If the meeting takes place at the sewer district someone from the Town office will have to take the minutes.  It was noted that Manager Reed would not be able to attend the meeting and the Secretary to the Council was on vacation.  It was noted that July 8th was not a regular scheduled meeting date and the Planning Board meets on that date as well so Deputy Clerk Beckie Woods would also be busy.      

7d.   A copy of the water district’s minutes  

7e.   A copy of the building committee’s agenda and minutes  

7f.   An update on the status of the policies approved at the last Town Council meeting

7g.   A thank you card from the seniors club pertaining to the dinner that the Town Council sponsored at the Veazie Community School.

7h.   A thank you card to the Public Works department from Mr. Powers

7i.   A thank you card from the school department to the Town office staff for the help that the staff gave them when the water was shut off at the Veazie Community School.

7j.   A clerk’s summary reports on the June 11th election.

ITEM 8. Requests for Information/Council Comments:
        Councilor Cheney inquired on whether there was going to be a fence put up at the Pattersons to fence off the “open cliff”.  Manager Reed stated that he met with the Pattersons twice and they have not responded back with what they wanted for a fence.  Manager Reed stated he would like to put a chain link fence, it’s not pleasing but its safe.  Councilor Hogan stated that if it is a safety issue the Town should do something to take care of it.  The Town should put up a chain link fence, if the Pattersons want something else they can pay the difference and the Town will do it.
        Councilor Cheney inquired about road painting and when it was going to be done.  Manager Reed stated it would not be done until after the paving was done by Public Works.  
        It was the consensus of the Council to cancel the July 1st, 2002 Council meeting unless something important comes up.  
        Chairman Hathaway asked for an update on the school and computers.  Manager Reed stated that he would have CEO Thomas follow-up on the matter at the next meeting.

        Chairman Hathaway suggested eliminating the signing of school warrants by the school committee.  It is inconsistent and sporadic.  Sometimes the committee signs them and other times they don’t.  Chairman Hathaway noted that the Town auditor stated it wasn’t required.  Councilor Friedman pointed out that the school board has been asked numerous times for three board members to go over the warrants and sign them to be submitted to the Town to be paid.  He recommended sending word to the school board one more time and if they continue to not sign them the Council won’t have them sign it anymore.

        Councilor Cheney inquired on a tower in Veazie for cell phones.  Councilor Kelly stated he thought the Town ordinance wouldn’t allow it because the tower would be too high.  Chairman Hathaway stated he thought the Council didn’t want to allow that in Veazie.  

        Councilor Cheney also inquired on a supposed budget for trees and community development.  Manager Reed stated the Town does have one.  He added that CBEC is acquiring trees for the School Street project.  Manager Reed stated that men were already out marking where the trees will go.  Trees will be put on School Street and retaining walls at CW Paper to dress up the driveways, the Town just has to buy the blocks, CBEC will donate manpower also.  

        Councilor Friedman mentioned a bunch of unregistered vehicles in front of Mr. Crowe’s property.  CEO Thomas stated that Mr. Crowe did mow his lawn and pick up the trash.  By next meeting CEO Thomas will have served Mr. Crowe with a violation letter.  CEO Thomas stated he will be working with the Town attorney on this violation.

        Councilor Friedman also mentioned a house on Main Street that has a lot of junk in front of it as well as other numerous places in Town that he believes is against ordinance.  


ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 27& 27A, Town Payroll Warrant 27, School Warrant 24, School Payroll Warrant 24 and School Lunch Warrant 24 were circulated and signed.

ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor Friedman—to adjourn June 17, 2002, Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor Cheney, Voted 5-0 in favor.  There was no further discussion.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Gifford
Assistant Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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