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Council Minutes 01/16/2001
PRESENT:        Councilor Cheney, Councilor Michaels, Councilor Friedman and Councilor Kelly, also present were Town Manager Reed, CEO Thomas, Deputy Clerk Reed, Joe McNeil from The Bus, Dave Merritt, A/A. Chairman Hathaway arrived at 7:15PM
        Motion: Councilor Cheney--Councilor Friedman Chair the meeting, do to Chairman Hathaway absence, Councilor Michaels seconded. Vote 3-0 in favor.
ITEM 1. The January 16, 2001 Veazie Town Council was called to order at 7:06PM.

ITEM 2. Consideration of minutes: Motion: Councilor Cheney--to accept January 2, 2001 minutes as written. Seconded: Councilor Michaels vote 3-0 in favor. Councilor Kelly refrained from voting do to his absence at the previous meeting.

ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda: Item 5b. This discussion is to be held over until the next meeting because the auditor was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

ITEM 4. Public Comments: No comments from the Public
ITEM 5a.        The Bus presentation: Joe McNeil presented a brief history of The Bus in the Greater Bangor Area. He explained that each participating community is responsible for absorbing part of the deficit on Bus service for the communities that are serviced by The Bus.  For the VOOT route (Veazie, Orono, Old Town) the following breakdown of costs used to offset the deficit:
·       Veazie—15%  
·       University of Maine—25%
·       Orono—30%
·       Old Town—30%
McNeil stated that there is dedicated funding through 2004 with a 47% increase in funds. Last year the budget came in just under the $8,000 but this year it is expected to come in at budget because of increased fuel costs.

The Bus has plans to hire a private consulting firm to do a study about traffic patterns and hopes that Veazie will support this project. A similar study was done in 1996. He offered to make the executive summary of that report available to the council. The Bus would like to purchase 3 new buses but the life of the current buses are not at the required 12 years of service or 500,000 miles.

McNeil opened the floor for questions and comments. Councilor Cheney stated that she has ridden the bus and believes that it is a good service to support. Additionally, she mentioned a route from Veazie to the Bangor Mall would be desirable.

ITEM 5b.         Audit—Charemon Willey-Staples: postponed until next council meeting, January 29 2001.

ITEM 5c.        John R. Graham-Former School Property Update: Manager Reed explained that there were three parties interested in the John R. Graham School. A group of Doctors and Orono Chiropractic viewed the school and the Community Center. After the viewing the Community Center, that facility may fit their needs better than the old school. Although, they would like to have 80 parking spaces and presently there are 50 designated spaces for the building. Chairman Hathaway did not think that a business needing 80 parking spaces would be good for the Village because of the amount of traffic the business would generate. Manager Reed stated that Jim Parker of CES would do a study of how many cars traveled to the school to use as a precursor for traffic flows in comparison.
        The second party showing interest is Richard Campbell. He has written a letter asking the Town of Veazie for exclusive Developer Status for a period of 12 months. Councilors Friedman and Kelly did not think the letter was a solid commitment.

        Penquis Community Action Program is the third party that is interested in developing the old school for affordable senior housing. Manager Reed explained that this is the most viable option at this time because they have had experience in affordable housing projects elsewhere. B. Shanahan of The Maine Housing Investment Fund and formerly with Reality Resources has found a co-developer for Penquis Community Action Program. The co-developers have been successful with many similar projects in New Hampshire. The Penquis C.A.P. development team had asked to meet with the Town Council at their next council meeting and fast track this project because the Penquis application is due by March 1, 2001 and they will need an answer from the Town by February 1, 2001. Chairman Hathaway expressed concern that if a commitment is made to Penquis C.A.P. that the Town would alienate other proposals. He would like to find a way to secure one if the other falls through.

        Manager Reed explained that Penquis is the only real affordable housing prospect, at the present time, which will have 14-20 units. D. Merritt spoke up and reiterated that affordable senior housing is the business these developers are in. Chairman Hathaway said that Campbell was ready to go. Councilor Friedman stated he’d like to see it in writing. It was noted that the original goal was to bring affordable senior housing to Veazie.

        Motion: Chairman Hathaway—to move forward with Penquis Community Action Program proposal. Seconded: Councilor Kelly, Vote 5-0 in favor.

ITEM 5d.        Davis Matter Update: Councilor Friedman asked that this be added to the agenda to stay current with the issue. Manager Reed said he had not heard any more from Mr. Davis but he did say that R. Freeman had spoke with Mr. Davis’s son and Mr. Davis has been in the hospital. It was agreed that nothing further would be done until T. Davis produced the documents the Council asked for.

ITEM 6a.        Municipal Building Service Proposal: Architect D. Merritt gave an update on the proposal to rehab the Fletcher Municipal Building. He has finished Schematic Design Phase 1 and was present to see if the Council wanting him to continue with Phase 2 of the Schematic Design at a cost of $7,300. He stated he could return to present his findings on February 12th or 26th.

        Motion: Chairman Hathaway—to support the process and move forward with phase II and a report back to the council no later than February 26, 2001. Seconded: Councilor Cheney, Vote 5-0 in favor.

ITEM 6b.        Kennett Property: Tammy Kennett has offered to give the Town of Veazie first option on her family’s property located on Rock Street. The property abuts the John R. Graham School and the Veazie Community School. Chairman Hathaway believes that T. Kennett is motivated to sell the property and that the Town has three options.
1.      Do Nothing
2.      Ask Conservation Commission to make a recommendation
3.      Assess or appraise in preparation to make an offer-option agreement.

The council was spilt over whether the Town should purchase the property at a cost of $90,000. Two Councilors were interested in looking into this matter further while, two Councilors were against, and one abstained from voicing an opinion on this issue for personal reasons. Councilors agreed that it would preserve green space for the Town. However, the cost was of concern. The buildings on the property are in poor shape and if the Town purchased the property the buildings should probably be removed and this would also be costly. No decisions were made due to a deadlock.

ITEM 7a.        Manager’s Report: The following items were included:
1.      Copy of Letter from Maine Municipal Association mailed to Sidney Dunton.
2.      Police Department Report
3.      Memo from Butch Free regarding International Dump Truck Breakdown
4.      Orono-Veazie Water District minutes
5.      1999 Annual Report Compliance Status of Solid Waste Management Rules
6.      Adelphia packet, which includes what the company is offering for services and the rate changes that will take effect the first of March.

ITEM 8. Request for information: Councilor Cheney had two comments. First, she stated she has had multiple complaints about speeding vehicles on Thompson Dr. Secondly; she wanted to know why cereal boxes were no longer part of the acceptable recycling items. Manager Reed explained that it has to do with the sorting of the recycle materials and that for the Town of Veazie it is less costly to dispose to curbside than to recycle the material.

ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 15, Town Payroll Warrant 15, School Warrant 15, School Payroll Warrant 15, and School Lunch Warrant 15, were circulated and signed.

ITEM 10.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor Kelly--to adjourn January 16, 2001 Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Chairman Hathaway, there was no further discussion.  Voted 5-0. Meeting adjourned 9:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie D. S. Reed
Deputy Town Clerk



Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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