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Council Minutes 3/12/2001
Veazie Town Council
    Minutes to March 12th meeting

Item 1: Chairman Rod Hathaway called the meeting to order @ 7:00 p.m.

Present: Counselors: Rod Hathaway (chairman), Joseph Friedman, Robert Kelly, Raymond Michaels, Helen Cheney, Town Officials: William Reed (manager), Allan Thomas (CEO), Robert O’Halloran (Chief of police), Beckie Woods (asst. clerk), David Merritt (architect).

Item 2: Consideration of the February 26, 2001 Council Meeting Minutes:
Councilor Cheney moved to accept the February 26, 2001 minutes as written, seconded by Councilor Michaels. Four members were in favor. Chairman Hathaway abstained from voting.

Item 3: Consideration of the Agenda:
All members were in favor of continuing with the agenda as is.

Item 4: Comments from the Public:
There was no public to comment.

Item 5A: Municipal Building Follow up:
Dave Merritt gave an overview of the design he has developed for the renovation of the Municipal Building. He explained that he is trying to minimize the amount of traffic going directly into the Fire bay and also into the office area. Chairman Hathaway expressed concerns with the breakroom and suggested that the size be cut down to provide more room for the Fire Department and restrooms. Councilor Cheney mentioned getting rid of one of the restrooms since there is one in the Police Department. Councilor Michaels expressed that areas should not be taken away from the employees, and that all development should improve employee morale.
-The Counselors took a 10-minute break to allow Dave Merritt to walk the building with them.
-Reconvene @ 7:35 p.m.
The Councilors agree to have Dave Merritt go back to the drawing board to see what we can do about redesigning the breakroom to include a lunch counter, improve the Fire Department space and maintain a second meeting room.

Item 6A: Police Department Annual Report:
Bob O’Halloran spoke about different sections of the Annual Report Sheryl Sutherland and he provided. He mentioned that this year they added more about the drug problem in the greater Bangor area and what the Department is doing to address this problem. He also mentioned the added services his officers provide, such as, house checks within the Town, they participated in the review of the placement of the methadone clinic, and they attend the schools to talk to the students. He explained that Mark Leonard has been with the Department for many years and is a great asset to the Town. He is an Assistant Supervisory Agent in charge of the Bangor Task Force Field Office of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency and has just been promoted from Sargent to Lieutenant of the Veazie Police Department. Helen Cheney asked how may officers and vehicles the Department now have. Bob stated that he would like to have five full-time and five reserve officers, but at this time there are only four full-time and four reserves at this time. They have two cruisers at this time, one marked and one unmarked and an Air Force surplus jeep that is used for certain occasions. They will be getting another cruiser in the near future to replace the older vehicle. Councilor Friedman stated that he feels the officers are doing a wonderful job and when the budget is up for review the Council members will support an increase in the Department’s budget to address wage study. The Counselor were all in agreement that the Police Department Annual Report was very well put together and praised Bob O’Halloran and Sheryl Sutherland for their outstanding work.

Item 6B: Manager Review:
Manager Reed gave a brief explanation of the Action List for 2000/2001 he provided in the Council packets. The list explains what has been done to improve the office, the Police Department, Fire Department, senior issues and much more. Due to conflicting schedules, for Manager Reed’s evaluation, each Counselor will provide Chairman Hathaway with a list of concerns, comments and issues by the end of the week so Chairman Hathaway can meet with Manager Reed to discuss the issues. At the next scheduled meeting the Counselors will go into executive session to discuss the evaluation.

Item 7A: Manager’s Report:
Manager Reed discussed the Final Settlement Notice from the Maine Department of Education. He stated that the project will be complete in October 2001 and we will have a positive outcome on the settlement.

Item 7B: School Committee Minutes:
Chairman Hathaway mentioned that the School Committee has decided to rip up the floor in the cafeteria and replace it.

Item 7C: School Committee Agenda:
The material was review by thy Council. There was no discussion on the agenda.

Item 7D: Planning Study:
The Manager Received the additional study conducted by the School department. The report will be very helpful to the Planning Board.

Item 7E: Fire Department Monthly Report:
The Council reviewed the report. There was no discussion on this item.

Item 7F: Deputy Treasurer’s Report:
Manager Reed explained that the half-year financial reports submitted by Guyla Downing, show the comparisons between cash draw down of last year and this year. A tax comparison list also was provided.

Item 7G: Presentation given on Local and State Government:
Manager Reed outlined that the Town’s lobbing efforts on LD518 has seemed to be a success. The Committee voted all in favor, ought to pass, on the bill. The manager highlighted that all the trips to Augusta now seemed worth the wile with the positive outcome. He noted that Rep. Ledwin, Eaton Peabody, Mike Trainnor, had also been very helpful on developing the coalition of support on the bill.

Item 7H: Memo from Police Chief:
The memo stated that Mark Leonard is being promoted to the Lieutenant because of his outstanding performance with the Police Department.

Item 7I: Water District Minutes:
The Council reviewed the minutes. There was no discussion

Item 7J: Parks and Recreation Minutes:
The Council reviewed the material. There was no discussion.

Item 8: Requests for Information/Council Comments:
Councilor Michaels requested a statement on the Parks and Recreation Committee’s budget. Chairman Hathaway would like to see a list of the Capital Financial Planning and what is expected for the future. He also requested a printout of all the Capital Reserve Accounts for the next scheduled Council meeting.

Item 9: Review of Town Warrant #17, Town Payroll #17, School Warrant #17, School Payroll #17, School Lunch Warrant #17:
The warrants were reviewed and approved by the Council.

Item 10: Adjournment:
Councilor Friedman moved to adjourn @ 9:46 p.m. Motion was seconded, all members were in favor.

Respectfully submitted

Beckie Woods
Assistant Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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