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Council Minutes 9/10/01
VEAZIE TOWN COUNCIL   SEPTEMBER 10, 2001                                              7:00PM

PRESENT:        Chairman Hathaway, Councilor Cheney, Councilor Michaels, and, Town Manager B. Reed, CEO A. Thomas, Deputy Clerk J. ReedRec. Director R. Freese, Rec. Committee members, J. Perkins, S. Patterson, M. Laferriere, S. Laferriere and Veazie Resident, A. Freese.
        Council Friedman arrived at 7:05. Councilor Kelly was excused.

ITEM 1. The September 10, 2001 Veazie Town Council was called to order at 7:00 PM.

ITEM 2. Consideration of minutes: Motion: Councilor Michael--to accept August 13, 2001 minutes as written. Seconded: Councilor Cheney,   Vote 3-0 in Favor

ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda:  There were not any additions made to the agenda. Manager Reed stated he would present the weekly transmission stats for the Towns website under the Managers Report.

ITEM 4a.        Public Comments: There were no comments from the public.

ITEM 5a.        Goals and Objectives: Chairman Hathaway explained that the goals and objectives have been placed into five categories. Chairman Hathaway went through the master list of goals and objectives.  Once the list was read Chairman Hathaway asked if the list was complete.

        Councilor Cheney asked about the cleaning of the forest and Manager Reed explained that the Conservation Committee had been meeting and discussing how to keep costs at a minimum. The Committee would also like to see the lumber that is harvested used in the Senior Center if that is possible.

        Manager Reed introduced Joan Perkins, Chair of the Recreation Committee; she asked the council what they would like the Parks and Recreation Committee to offer for the community. She also stated that the Committee has been working on a community survey that they would like to conduct town wide and asked the council for the monies to pay the postage.

        Councilor Michaels asked if the department was fully staffed. Perkins stated yes. Councilor Michaels stated he was impressed with the program.
        Chairman Hathaway stated that he was skeptical at first but has been happy with the program. He stated he would like to see the department expand to offer more than just sports. The committee stated that that was why they were attending the meeting; to get some ideas and input from the Council. Chairman Hathaway stated he would like to see programs that bring the community together. Some ideas mentioned were: quilting classes, CPR classes, nature hikes, and workshops of some sort an example given was how to finance a childs education. The Council would like the Parks and Recreation to offer programs that will get the community involved.

        The Committee stated they are sponsoring the Halloween Carnival this year.

Councilor Friedman stated that he was very pleased with the program, especially Director Freese and how well she has been working with the programs.

Chairman Hathaway stated that he would like to see the committee conduct a door-to-door survey rather than a mailed survey. Perhaps presenting a survey to the Seniors Club, customers at the Town Office and at the School. Although, he stated that he understands that people do not have a lot of time to conduct these activities. Additionally, he stated that the money should be spent to find out what the community wants and needs.

Recreation Director R. Freese stated that it is difficult to stay community focused once the communitys children go off to high school because parents are inclined to get involved with the high school communities. Parents tend to participate in fundraisers and activities at the schools where their children attend.

Councilor Michaels stated that he had mentioned trying to organize a yearbook for the high school students from Veazie. Councilor Friedman stated that with children it is really hard to gather and/or distribute information about children. It is very important to avoid controversy because of their age.

The Council agreed to help survey people door-to-door and to support a mailing survey. Manager Reed expressed that it is important to keep the two types of surveys separate to prevent bias.

Chairman Hathaway stated the importance of starting to plan the Towns 150-year celebration. He stated the Shiners Band only has two dates available for the year 2003.

        ITEM 5b.        Davis Family LLC. --Letter: Manager Reed stated that Mr. Davis dropped off a letter to Mr. Thomas at the end of August. Manager Reed stated that the letter was meant to serve as an official follow-up to the Conservation Commissions letter dated May 10th 2001 that was sent to the Town Council. In general, the letter that Mr. Davis forwarded to us does not clearly state proposed resolution.
        Councilor Friedman stated that he still has concerns because the town still has not received a letter signed by all entire Davis siblings stating that Tom Davis is the named representative of the LLC. Councilor Friedman asked Manager Reed if he intended to answer the letter. Manager Reed stated that there was not anything to answer.

        Assessor Thomas stated that he needed guidance from the Council if they wanted him to negotiate.

        Chairman Hathaway stated that a return letter should be sent to Mr. Davis outlining all the issues especially the issue of proof of representation.

        Manger Reed reminded the council of what the Towns attorney pointed out about the encroachment. The attorney had asked why are the talks about land trade when it is not clear what type of encroachment exists. There are not any gravestones on the trust property but there is one stone that is within a very small distance from the property line. Additionally, Manager Reed stated that without knowing the boundaries neither party would know what amount of land is being swapped for what.
        Councilor Friedman stated that Mr. Davis still has not fulfilled the deal that he made many meeting ago when he agreed to survey the land.

        It was agreed that a written response should be returned to Mr. Davis outlining the facts to date and what the Council expectsaddressing the encroachment issuewhere is it. Several Councilors agreed that they would like to visit the site prior to the final letter.
        Councilor Michaels suggested offering him $1,000 for an addition 100 ft and have the Town do the survey. The Council agreed that this issue would continue at the next council meeting.

ITEM 6. Town of Veazie Signs: Manger Reed introduced the issue of replacing the Welcome to Veazie signs. He stated that the citizens expressed that the budget for the new signs was high.

Gary Hammond of Public Works presented a proposal for new Welcome to Veazie signs because the old signs are beyond repair.

Supt. Free stated that the Northern most sign should be relocated because of snow plowing issues. He suggested that maybe the sign could be incorporate into the triangle, facing north towards Orono.

G. Hammond stated that it is important to choose an area, which would place the signs in a more level area. He suggested contracting with Harrys Signs to make the signs now and store them until the spring. The quote also included additional wording on the backside of the sign.

Chairman Hathaway stated that he would like to see the actual colors before the signs are painted. Additionally, he stated that he believes that by putting the sign in the triangle would leave out the few residents between the triangle and the Orono line. It was stated that a sign in triangle recognizing the garden club would be nice. The council agreed that there should be consistency in the signage throughout the town. It was suggested that Dick Monroe be approached about changing the placement of the Welcome to Veazie sign at the Orono/Veazie line. Fire Chief G. Martin who was present at the meeting agreed to let the Town place the sign on his property, which is on the Town line.

There was discussion about Duke Energy adopting Riverview Park.
ITEM 7a.        Managers Report:

        7a. The copy of Tax Assessors commitment

        7b.The official notice of E911 activation was discussed. Chairman Hathaway stated that he recently visited Penobscot Regional Communications Center and he was really impressed. Councilor Cheney expressed interest in a tour.
        7c.The School Committees minutes and agenda

        7d. The Monthly Fire Department Reports for July and August
        7e. Manager Reed passed out a Weekly Transmissions Statistics report on the number of hits on the Town of Veazie website. He pointed out that the new host has a variety of report capabilities. Chairman Hathaway stated concerns on privacy issues.

ITEM 8. Requests for Information/Council Comments: There were no additional comments.

ITEM 9. Warrants: Town Warrant 6, Town Payroll Warrant 6, School Warrant 5, School Payroll Warrant 5, and School Lunch Warrant 5, were circulated and signed.

ITEM 10.        Executive Session: Motion: Councilor Friedman--to adjourn to executive session, Seconded: Councilor Cheney, Vote 4-0
Reconvened and the Council stated that no decisions were to be made at this time.

ITEM 11.        Adjournment: Motion: Councilor Friedman -to adjourn the September 10, 2001, Town Council Meeting. Seconded: Councilor Cheney there was no further discussion. Voted 4-0 Meeting adjourned

Respectfully submitted,

Julie D. S. Reed
Deputy Town Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
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