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Council Minutes 12/17/2001
PRESENT:        Chairman Hathaway, Councilor Cheney, Councilor Friedman and Councilor Kelly; Town Manager B. Reed, CEO A. Thomas, and Assistant Clerk K. Gifford; Assistant Fire Chief Carl Tenney, Fire FightersNicholas Sirois, Michael Azevedo, Scott Kigas, Peter Metcalf, Jeff Watson, James McCrum, Robert Gallant and John Martel;  Police Chief Mark Leonard;  E-ONE Representative Chris Champagne; Members of the Public  Pat Bastey and Sue Grover. Councilor Michaels was absent and excused.  
ITEM 1. The December 17, 2001 Veazie Town Council was called to order at 7:00 PM.

ITEM 2. Consideration of minutes: Motion By: Councilor Cheneyto accept December 3, 2001 minutes as written. Seconded: Councilor Friedman,       Vote 4-0 in favor

ITEM 3. Consideration of the Agenda:  There were no additions made to the agenda.  

ITEM 4a.        Public Comments: There were no comments from the public.

ITEM 5a.        Senior Housing Grant
Manager Reed stated that enclosed in the Council packets was a copy of the Senior Housing Grant, which was the final grant agreement between the Graham School Senior Housing Associates Limited Partnership and the Town.  Manager Reed stated that he and the Towns attorney had reviewed it and both concur that it meets the Towns needs.  As the document details, the funds will be held in escrow at Merrill Merchants Bank.  Manager Reed stated that he will have authority over the disbursement of the grant.  Manager Reed also stated that the Town reserves its right to receive full and complete reports pertaining to the project.  

                Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto authorize the Town Manager to execute the document entitled Grant and Disbursement Agreement as dated December 18, 2001 on behalf of the Veazie Town Council.  Seconded:  Councilor Kelly, Vote 4-0 in favor  
ITEM 5b.        Quint Purchase Update
                Manager Reed informed the Council that two additional handouts had been added to the Council packets, 5biii and 5biv.  Manager Reed stated that William Peters of W.C. Peters Fire Apparatus Consulting was very impressed with the amount of work that the call department personnel had completed, Manager Reed detailed that in his phone conversation, Mr. Peters highlighted that there had been full time departments that he had worked with that had not done half the work that Veazies truck committee had completed.  Manager Reed stated that Mr. Peters highlighted the areas of his concern on page 32 and on that need to be addressed.  Manager Reed further stated that Mr. Peters outlined in his report that the 110ft quint would be required after his site visit due to the fact that the power plant is the Towns number one fire concern.  

Manager Reed stated that the Town has been in discussion with E-ONE on purchasing a 110ft quint ever since the visit to the Springfield show and their follow-up demo at the power plant this fall.  
Assistant Fire Chief Carl Tenney reviewed the Aerial Apparatus Time Line (Item 5bii) with the Council.  Assistant Fire Chief Carl Tenney stated that the items listed on Item 5biii were items of concern that William Peters had put in his report.  Assistant Fire Chief Carl Tenney further stated that in Item 5biv the costs of the truck and the additional items are outlined.  

Manager Reed explained that in order to avoid a cost increase the Town will need to send a letter of intent to purchase, so E-ONE can count this project in the current year and reserve the Town a construction slot in their construction queue.  Manager Reed went on further to say that an order placed in late December / early January can be delivered by late summer.  It is important to take delivery of the quint in the summer so that proper training can take place in good weather.  Fall or winter delivery will not work due to safety concerns for the personnel and the truck.    

Manager Reed stated that the Town has only received two quotes for ten-year municipal leases.  MSG and Peoples Bank were the only two with quotes in the 4-5% lease rate.

Councilor Friedman inquired on whether it was in writing that the additional items were going to be added.  Manager Reed explained that it was a negotiation on good faith.  Councilor Friedman also inquired on whether the Towns firemen would go down and get the truck.  E-ONE representative Chris Champagne stated that the truck will be delivered, however, 3 firemen can go down to Florida during the construction period to go over the specifications of the truck.  Councilor Friedman stated he would like 5 firemen to go down.  

Chris Champagne stated that the Town will have to change the slope to the garage so the ladder doesnt hit the garage going in.  The Council agreed that the door would have to be raised and the slope adjusted.  Chairman Hathaway also recommended widening the garage as well.  Councilor Friedman and Chairman Hathaway had questions with concerns of weight issues, the chassis, and dragging.  Chris Champagne assured the Council that they had engineers that have examined all of these issues and there doesnt seem to be a problem.  

Chairman Hathaway stated that the Town needs to be prepared to deal with this ongoing situation.  The Town has a lot of equipment and the public is going to question utilization.  Chairman Hathaway stated that when the power plant came to Veazie it was the Towns part of the deal to provide proper protection.  Chairman Hathaway further stated he does not want to have equipment for the sake of having it; he wants to have it for justified uses.  Manager Reed stated that the Town has to maintain pumper capacity and tanker capacity because of the fire rating of the power plant.  The Town is on somewhat of a buy a truck every ten years rotation plan.  A truck has an average life of 20 years.  Manager Reed stated that the quint will take the place of the Mac.  The net revenue coming back from the truck will be almost half of the original value.  Chairman Hathaway asked that Manager Reed review where the money is coming from for this truck.  Manager Reed stated that the money isnt coming from raising taxes it comes from the TIF Development District.    

Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto authorize the Town Manager to send E1 / Fire Rescue Group a letter of intent to negotiate on a good faith basis on the purchase of the 110ft quint pending the input and feedback of the Towns consultant and fire department review board.  Also that the recommendations from Peters report are implemented and five firefighters go to the pre-construction meeting.  Seconded:  Councilor Cheney, Vote 4-0 in favor,

Motion By: Councilor Friedmanto authorize the Town Manager to negotiate on a good faith with Peoples and MSC on a municipal lease 10-year note.  Seconded:  Councilor Cheney, Vote 4-0 in favor  

ITEM 5c.        Public Safety Follow up:
                Manager Reed outlined the job description and flowchart included in the Council packets.  Manager Reed stated it should be noted that both department heads (police and fire) have been supportive of the idea as long as it is known that the implementation of this concept is not due to any major department break down or problems.  Manager Reed explained that he had discussed with both department heads that the concept of moving in this direction is to ensure that in our post September 11th environment that all public safety units work together as one effective department and that lines are not drawn in the sand over turf.  

                Councilor Cheney stated that she would like to hear some comments from the Police and Fire Department if they had any.  Fire Fighter James McCrum expressed his concern over whose side the public safety director would be on.  Councilor Friedman stated that it will be someone who is talented and would make both departments run smoothly rather then being on one departments side.  

Member of the public Pat Bastey was unclear about why the Town was looking to add a new position.  Pat Bastey inquired whether the Town was having problems and that is why it is trying to implement this new position.  Councilor Friedman stated that appointing a Public Safety Director has been something the Council has been talking about for the past ten or so years.  Councilor Friedman stated that it would be more efficient to have one individual to oversee each department and its budget.  Another benefit would be that it would provide a full time person that could be approached concerning issues, whereas right now the Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief are part time employees.  Member of the public Pat Bastey asked who develops the budgets for the departments.  Councilor Friedman stated that each individual department does their own budgets and with a Public Safety Director it would still be that way, but the Public Safety Director would over see the budgets for all departments.  

Chairman Hathaway stated we are trying to be more efficient; not add more costs.  We need to make sure we have a professional to deal with in the case that any issues come up. Member of the public Pat Bastey wanted to know what we would be paying a public safety director.  Councilor Friedman stated that the Council hasnt even looked at that yet, the Council is still in the talking and evaluating stage.  

Councilor Friedman wanted to clarify that the possible implementation of a public safety director has nothing to do with the performance of the police or fire department, the Council is merely looking at alternative ways to be more efficient.  Chairman Hathaway stated that the Council is trying to do what is right for the Town and make a stronger, unified, and more proactive department.  Member of the public Pat Bastey stated that if the Town can afford a new fire truck then we should be able to afford a full time fire chief.  Manager Reed explained that the funds for each come from two different places.  The Fire Chiefs salary comes from the annual budget and the funds for the fire truck come from the CBEC TIF.

                Councilor Friedman stated he would like a committee established to investigate this position further.  He also stated he would like to be on this committee along with 2-3 people from the Fire Department and 2-3 people from the Police Department as well.  Manager Reed stated he would contact MMA to investigate a wage scale for the position.

ITEM 6a.        Appointments

                i.      Shoreland Zoning Officer

Included in the Council packets was a recommendation from CEO Thomas requesting the Council appoint John Manter as  an alternate Shoreland Zoning Officer.  Manager Reed stated that CEO Thomas had outlined that if John Manter were appointed to the position numerous State trainings would be offered to him free of charge.  Chairman Hathaway asked if this was a paid position.  Manager Reed stated it is not.

Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto appoint John Manter to the position of Alternate Shoreland Zoning Officer for the remainder of a one year term to end June 30, 2002.  Seconded:  Councilor Cheney, Vote 4-0 in favor

                ii.     Planning Board Associate        

Also included in the Council packets was a recommendation from CEO  Thomas requesting the Council appoint Suzanne Malis-Anderson as an alternate Planning Board member.  CEO Thomas outlined that the Planning Board is suppose to consist of five members with two alternates.  Currently there are five members and no alternates.  

Motion By:  Councilor Kellyto appoint Suzanne Malis-Anderson as an alternate Planning Board member for the remainder of a one year term to end June 30, 2002.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman, Voted 4-0 in favor
ITEM 6b.        Crowe International

                Manager Reed recommended to the Council that the Town enter into an agreement with Crowe International to handle the Towns semi-hazardous/universal waste.  Manager Reed stated they will take computers, monitors, lights, televisions, etc.  The proposal is cost effective for the Town due to the fact that they are located in Ellsworth.  Manager Reed stated that there are around fifty units of computers and monitors at the old school that need to be disposed of.  This agreement will also benefit spring cleanup.  Manager Reed pointed out that the Town would take part in the pallet program which is more cost efficient.  Chairman Hathaway asked how much in dollars does the Town have in hazardous waste to dispose of.  Manager Reed stated he didnt have an estimate but knew the amount was somewhat considerable.  Chairman Hathaway asked what the Town does with florescent bulbs.  Manager Reed stated we have to wrap them in plastic and store them until there are enough to dispose of.  Councilor Cheney wanted to know where the bulbs go.  Manager Reed stated there is a storage shed.  Chairman Hathaway also inquired about the school, whether the Town would be working with them on the disposal of hazardous waste materials.  Manager Reed stated the Town and the School would be working together.  

Motion By: Councilor Friedmanto authorize the Town Manager to enter a formalized agreement with Crowe International to accept the applicable Towns hazardous wastes in a process that is State of Maine approved.  Seconded: Councilor Cheney, Vote 4-0 in favor

ITEM 6c.        GZA Agreement
                Manager Reed pointed out that GZA is the firm whom the City of Bangor is using to conduct their Environmental Audit.  Manager Reed stated that as recalled the Town has partnered with the City on household and municipal hazardous waste issues over the past several years.  At the present time the Town is considered a generator of hazardous waste and the EPA requires an audit and action plan on what we do with our waste, i.e. transit slips and destination plans.  Councilor Cheney inquired whether the school would be included in this agreement.  Manager Reed stated that the school would be included.  Manager Reed stated that the Town needs to identify potential problematic issues, document the Towns transit plan and disposal process, and maintain a well kept chemical inventory.  Chairmen Hathaway stated that the Town needs to watch what it takes in to make sure things are properly documented and disposed of.  Chairman Hathaway further stated that the Town should limit was is onsite, in other words, find out what the physical needs are and limit the number of chemicals that are on site.  

Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto authorize the Town Manager to enter into an agreement with GZA.  Seconded:  Chairman Hathaway Voted 4-0 in favor   

ITEM 6d.        Public Hearing on Discontinuance of Flagg Street
Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto convene to public hearing mode.  Seconded:  Chairman Hathaway, Vote 4-0 in favor.  There were no comments from the public on the proposed discontinuance of Flagg Street.  

Motion By:  Councilor Cheneyto reconvene into regular session.  Seconded:  Councilor Friedman Voted 4-0 In Favor

                Motion By:  Councilor Cheneyto discontinue and terminate, in whole any interests held by the Town including the public easement on the portion of Flagg Street as described in attachment Item 6Dii and shown on map item 6Diii.  Seconded:  Chairman Hathaway, Vote 4-0 in favor

ITEM 7a.        Managers Report:

7a.  A follow up of the Topliff claim of damage to a rental property.  The Towns insurer is taking up this matter.

Councilor Hathaway wanted to know if the claim had been forwarded to the Towns insurer.  Manager Reed stated it had but there had not been a reply yet.  Councilor Cheney also wanted to know if this was common practice to knock down doors.  Police Chief Mark Leonard stated that he had been issued a no-knock warrant and felt due to the individuals level of violence and their prior criminal records that it was necessary.   Police Chief Mark Leonard further stated that surveillance had been done for eight hours on the house, a drive-by was done, lights were on and vehicles were in the driveway so it was assumed that people were home.  Manager Reed stated that what makes this situation unique is that the warrant was issued in the tenants name and that the damage incurred should be their responsibility.  The deposit placed by the tenant on the apartment should cover the damage of this nature.  
7b.  A fire department monthly report

7c.  A bid summary sheet pertaining to the Senior Housing project
Dave Merrit forwarded this.  The lowest bid was P.M MacKay

7d.  An invitation to Kate Ostrofskys Gold award ceremony. No letters were not sent out so they had to reschedule

7e.  A copy of the Sewer Districts Audit.  All pages.

7f.  A letter from Scott to C.N. Brown pertaining to the oil leak at the school facility.

Councilor Friedman wanted to know if C.N. Brown was going to pay for the damage.  CEO Thomas stated that they had already paid for it.  Both Councilor Friedman and Councilor Kelly were under the impression that there was an alarm.  CEO Thomas stated that there is but a custodial person had overlooked it for a few days.    

7g.  A copy of the Veazie School committees minutes

7h.  A copy of the water districts minutes.

7i.  A copy of the Shanklins easementshrub planting concern.  This letter details that the contractor had Mr. Shanklin out to approve the placement of the trees within the right of way.  Mrs. Shanklin still wants them moved and is unhappy with their placement.  It was noted that Allan went out last week to inspect the plants and all seems to be within specifications.     
                Councilor Cheney inquired on whether this issue was resolved.  Manager Reed stated that it is resolved however there may still be complaints in the future.     

                7j.  A copy of a letter from the DEP recommending the extension of the stack at JC Auto.  CEO Thomas stated that the owner in the past had agreed to extend it, but he did not know if he planned to do so.

ITEM 8. Requests for Information/Council Comments:
                Councilor Cheney wanted to know about the traffic light, whether a diagnostic kit was going to be brought up.  Manager Reed stated that the timing was checked and it wasnt adjusting like it should.  The light was set to blink to see if it would reset itself.  Manager Reed stated that the Town is trying to find out who did the installation of the new sensor.  It was unsure where the light was acquired from due to the fact that Bangor Gas had the work completed.  

ITEM 9. Warrants:  Town Warrant 13 & 13A, Town Payroll Warrant 13, School Warrant 11, School Payroll Warrant 11, and School Lunch Warrant 11, were circulated and signed.

ITEM 10.        Adjournment:  Motion By:  Councilor Friedmanto adjourn December 17, 2001, Town Council Meeting.  Seconded:  Chairman Hathaway there was no further discussion.  Voted 4-0, Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Karen Gifford
Assistant Clerk


Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
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