Town of Veazie, Maine
1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
ph: (207) 947-2781
Motor Vehicle Registration
The Veazie Town Office can process re-registrations as well as new registrations as long as the registrant's registration or privilege to register is not under suspension and the registrant is not required to file an SR22 certificate of insurance with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

License Plates Available at the Town Office

AQ - Antique                                  BB - Black Bear
CC - Conservation Commercial     CL - Conservation Trailer
CM - Combination                          CO - Commercial
CO - Commercial Tractor              CR - Conservation
FM - Farm                                       LB - Lobster
MC - Motorcycle                           MH - Motorhome
PC - Passenger                            PH - Purple Heart
RV - Conservation Motorhome    SE - Special Equipment
TL - Trailer                                    TR - Tractor
TR- Special Mobile Equipment      VT - Veteran
BC - Breast Cancer                     AG - Agriculture
UM - University                           AW - Animal Welfare

Vanity Plates - Vanity plates are only available through the Bureau of Motor Vehicle.  You must first pay your excise tax at the Veazie Town Office then go to the Bangor office located at the Airport Mall on Union Street.  Click here to check the availability of a vanity plate.

Paperwork needed from dealerships:
New Vehicle:
- window sticker
- green dealer certificate (sales tax)
- light blue title application
- proof of insurance

Used Vehicle:
- green dealer certificate (sales tax)
- light blue title application
- proof of insurance

Paperwork needed from private sales:
- previous title (for vehicles 1996 and newer)
*backside must be completed by buyer and seller (top portion)
- lien release certificate (if lien is not released on title)
- bill of sale, must contain year, make, model, VIN, date of sale and price
- proof of insurance

Paperwork needed for vehicles registered in another state:
- title (for vehicles 1996 and newer)
*if title is held by a lien holder, we will need paperwork with the lien holders address (not a payment book)
- previous registration issued by prior state
- proof of insurance

Transferring Plates:
In order to receive a credit towards a new registration when transferring plates you must no longer own the vehicle from which you are taking the plates.  If the vehicle is still owned you may still use the plates but no credit will be issued and the registration will be for the full 12 months.    

NOTE:  If a customer does not have the proper paperwork they will be directed to the proper agency to correct the issue.  Proof of insurance is needed for all motor vehicle registrations, customer will be asked to contact their insurance company to obtain this proof if it is not presented at the time of registration.  Customers may have their insurance card faxed to the Town Office prior to coming in to register their vehicle.