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Marriage Licenses
*Please note that the marriage intentions must be signed in front of a municipal clerk at the Veazie Town Office or in front of a Notary Public.  

Veazie residents shall record notice of their intentions in the Veazie Town Office during normal business hours. If parties reside in separate municipalities, intentions need to be filed in the municipality in which at least one of them resides.  The fee for a marriage license is $40.00.  

*If one party resides in Maine but the other party resides outside of the State of Maine, then the filing procedure will remain the same.  

*If both parties reside outside of the State of Maine, the notice of intentions can be filed in any municipal office.

All marriage licenses are valid for 90 days from the date the intentions are filed.  After the 90 days has expired, the parties will need to file their notice of intentions again, and the 90 days will start over.  There is a $40.00 fee each time intentions are filed and a license is issued.  There is no longer a three day waiting period for a marriage license.  The license will be issued the same day the notice of intentions is filed.

Both parties are required to complete an Intention of Marriage form either in the presence of the Town Clerk or by mail.  If the intentions are filed by mail, notarized signatures are required.  The paperwork must be completed in BLACK INK ONLY.  Forms completed in any other color will not be accepted for filing.

The parties are also required to file a Record of Social Security Number form when the intentions are submitted. This document is confidential and not for public inspection.

If either party has been previously married, they must provide the Clerk with a certified copy of their divorce decree.  If the parties do not have a certified copy of the decree, they must obtain one from the court in which the divorce was finalized.  The certified copies need to contain original signatures, or are affixed with a raised or gold seal.

Both parties will need to be present for signatures at the time the license is issued.  If both parties are unable to be present at the same time, the license will be held until both signatures are obtained.  

*NOTE:  Justice of the Peace is no longer authorized to perform marriages in the State of Maine



Town Office: 1084 Main Street, Veazie, ME 04401
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm
Phone: (207) 947-2781 Fax: (207) 942-1654
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