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Section 21 - Personnel
Section 21  Personnel

Section 21.01  Generally
Section 21.02  Definitions
Section 21.03  Administration
Section 21.04  Employment
Section 21.05  Hours of Work, Attendance and Duties
Section 21.06  Grievance Procedures
Section 21.07  Resignation
Section 21.08  Disipline, Discharge and Suspension
Section 21.09  Leaves
Section 21.10  Holidays
Section 21.11  Vacations
Section 21.12  Salary and Wages
Section 21.13  Promotion
Section 21.14  Jury Pay
Section 21.15  Safety
Section 21.16  Political Activities

These documents are presented for informational purposes only.
For legal use refer to the Veazie Code Archive located in the Town Office.

Section 21.01 Generally

The Town of Veazie hereby ordains and adopts these Personnel Rules for utilization by the Town Manager in the administration of the personnel activities of employees of Veazie.

The general purpose of this policy is to establish a system of personnell administration that meets the social, economic, and program needs of the people of Veazie.  This system shall provide the means to recruit, select and develop and maintain an effective and responsive work force and shall include policies and procedures for employee hiring and advancement, training, career development, job classification, salary administration, retirement, fringe benefits, discipline and other related activities.

The Town of Veazie is an equal opportunity employer and all appointments and promotios shall be made without regard to religion, race, creed, color, sex, disabilities or political affiliations.  A copy of this Personnel Policy shall be available to all employees of the Town of Veazie.

Except where specifically provided, the Town Manager shall be exempt from the provisions of this ordinance.

Section 21.02 Definitions
"Appointing Authority" means the Town Manager

"Employee" denotes any person appointed to a regular position by the Town Manager.

"Full-time Employee" means an employee who works a 37 1/2 hour week on a continuing basis.  He/she is subject to all personnel rules and regulations and receives all benefits and rights as provided by these rules.

"Limited Term Employee" means an employee who is appointed when a special project requires the addition of employees for a specific, limited time or to fill a position of an employee on a leave of absence.  This classification may include persons hired under an existing federal manpower program.  Eligibility of such employees for the full range of benefits provided under these rules shall be determined by the Town Manager on a case by case basis, taking into account the duration of the appointment and application of federal and state regulations.  Limited term employment may be terminated by the Town Manager at any time for any reason.

"On Call Firefighter" means an employee who works on a call basis.  He/she is subject to all personnel rules and regulations, but is not entitled to any benefits such as health insurance, vacation, sick leave or holiday pay.  This classification shall only be assigned at the discretion of the Town Manager.

"Regular Part Time Employee" means an employee who works less than 37 1/2 hour work week, but on a continuing basis.  He/she is subject to all personnel rules and regulations but is not entitled to any benefits such as health insurance, vacation, sick leave or holiday pay.  This classification shall only be assigned at the discretion of the Town Manager.

"Work year" shall consist of 52 calendar weeks per year commencing on July 1 of the given year and terminating 52 weeks later.

Section 21.03 Administration

The Town Manager shall be the administrator of the Personnel Policy and Rules.

It shall be the duty of the Town Manager to:

Encourage and exercise leadership in the development of sound personnel practices among the departments of the Town of Veazie.

Advise the Town Council on manpower utilization.

Foster and develop programs for the improvements of employees effectiveness, including training, safety, health, counseling, proper courtesy when dealing with the public and respect for municipal property.

Establish and maintain records of all employees in the public service, in which there is set forth as to each employee the class, title, pay or status, sick leave, vacation time, and other relevant data.

Apply and carry out this policy and to perform any act which may be necessary or desirable to carry out the purpose and provisions of this policy.

Section 21.04 Employment

The employement of all personnel shall be the responsibility of the Department Head and Town Manager, subject to the approval of the Town Council.  (In accordance with Town Charter).

All applicant must submit a written application for employment.

Other than fire, police and limitations imposed by law, there is no arbitrary age limit below or beyond which applicants will be employed provided they are qualified to perform the work required.

All employees are considered probationary for the first six months of employement in all positions.  If they are to be retained as regular employees for the purpose of figuring benefits, seniority, etc., the initial date of employement is considered the anniversary date of the individual.  

Applicants must submit to various employment tests as required.

Section 21.05 Hours of Work, Attendance and Duties

The Town Manager and the department heads shall endeavor to establish schedules of working hours not in excess of those stipulated by general law of the business and industry for related positions.

Employees shall be at their respective places of work in accordance with the general or departmental regulation pertaining to the hours of work.  All departments and divisions or sections thereof shall post the regualr hours of work for their respective groups in a conspicuous place.  All departments shall keep daily attendance records and furnish to the Town Manager such periodical reports as requested.

Each employee shall perform those duties set forth in job descriptions which, from time to time, shall be established or amended by the Town Council or the Town Manager.  In addition, each employee shall perform such other additional duties as may be directed by that employee's supervisor.  The fact that a requested duty is not specifically enumerated in a job description shall not be a basis for an employee to refuse to perform that duty.  The job descriptions attached hereto are for the convenience of the reader, shall not be considered to be part of this ordinance and may, from time to time, be amended by the Town Council or the Town Manager.

Section 21.06 Grievance Procedures

Any employee who deems him/herself aggrieved will have recourse to a strictly impartial hearing provided the following procedure is followed:

The employee shall set forth his/her grievance in writing, and submit it (with remedial action requested) to his/her immediate supervisor.  The supervisor shall provide the employee a written reply within seven (7) calendar days forward to the Town Manager:

the written grievance,

the supervisor's reply, and

the employee's written reasons for rejecting the reply.

The Town Manager will issue a written reply within fourteen (14) days.  If the employee is still not satisfied, he/she may proceed to Section 21.06.03.

If the employee is still not satisfied, he/she should forward the grievance along with a written request for an administrative hearing to the Chairman of the Veazie Town Council within seven (7) calendar days.  The Town Council shall schedule an administrative hearing within fourteen (14) calendar days and the decision of the Council is final (except that any grievant may appeal to the Maine Superior Court under the provisions of Section 80B of the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure, once all municipal procedures have been followed).

Section 21.07 Resignation
All employees resigning from the Service of the Town shall give a reasonalbe written notice, normally two weeks, but at least one work week shall be required.  The notice of resignation shall be in writing.

Section 21.08 Discipline, Discharge and Suspension
The appointing authority shall have the right to demote, dismiss or suspend without pay, for not more than fourteen (14) calendar days, any employee whose work performance or conduct, in the judgement of the appointing authority, justifies such action.  Notice of such action must be in writing and filed with the employee not later than the effective date of this action.  Such notice shall specify the penalty and contain a statement of the reasons therefore.  The employee shall have the right of appeal as outlined in the Grievance Procedure (Section 21.06).

Section 21.09 Leaves

21.09.01 Leave of Absence
A full-time employee may be granted a leave of absence without pay by the Town Manager/Town Council for a period deemed necessary by the employee for the purpose of the leave, but not in excess of six (6) months.  The employee is expected to return to work upon the expiration of a granted leave or to have an extension of the leave prior to its expiration.  Failure on the part of the employee to return to work on the expiration of granted leave without having arranged for an extension may be deemed a resignation from the service.  No employee shall receive salary from the Town while on leave of absence.

21.09.02 Military Service Leave
Regular employees who are members of the organized military units and who are required to perform field duty, will be granted military leave in addition to vacation time, but not exceed ten working days in any calendar year.  For any such period of military service leave, the Town will pay the employee the difference between service pay and the employee's regular compensation, the total of which will equal the regular pay of the employee.

21.09.03 Bereavement Leave
An employee may be excused from work up to three (3) work days because of death in their immediate family, as defined below, and shall be paid their regular rate of pay for the scheduled work hours missed.  It is intended that this time be used for the purpose of handling necessary arrangements and attendance at the funeral.

Immediate family is defined to mean spouse, parents, children, brothers sisters, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, grandfather, grandmother, step-father, step-mother, or others in the same household of the employee.

One (1) work day may be granted to employees at the sole discretion of the Town Manager for attendance at funerals of persons not covered under the above definition.

21.09.04 Sick leave
Sick leave shall accrue at the rate of four hours per pay period up to 720 hours.
Sick leave may be used when personal illness or physical incapacity renders the employee unable to perform the duties of their position, unless the employee is capable of other work in their division and assigned to such other work.  If required, the employee shall furnish the department head a certification from their attending physician.  Sick leave may also be used when an immediate family member is ill or incapacitated and for medical and dental appointments.
Absences for a fraction or part of a day that are chargeable to sick leave in accordance with this section shall be charged proportionately in an amount not smaller than one quarter hour (1/4).
The Town Manager shall review all sick leave records periodically and shall investigate any cases which indicate abuse of the privilege.  Willful abuse of the sick leave privilege shall be caused for dismissal.  Employees are eligible for Workers' Compensation for service-connected injury and illness.

Section 21.10 Holidays

All regular full time employees shall be entitled to holidays as follows:

New Year's Day
Martin Luther King Dday
Presidents Day
Patriot's Day
Memorial Day
Independence Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Veteran's Day
Thanksgiving Day
Day following Thanksgiving
Christmas Day

In case a holiday falls within a vacation period, it is not counted as part of annual vacation allowance.

In the event a holiday falls on a weekend, the preceding Friday or the following Monday, at the Town Manager's discretion, shall be considered a holiday.

Section 21.11 Vacations

Paid vacation time shall be earned by full-time employees on the following basis:

Continuous Years                Hours per Bi-Weekly             Approximate Of
Service                 Pay Period Accrual              Days Per Year

1 through end of 4                      3.1                             10
5 through end of 9                      4.7                             15
10 plus years                           6.2                             20

No vacation time in excess of one years award may be carried forward from one work year to the following work year, as defined in section 21.02, without the written approval of the Town Manager.

Vacations shall be granted at such time or times as shall be mutually agreeable to the employees and their department heads.  Due consideration shall be given to an employee's seniority in regard to scheduling vacation.  In no case shall vacation accrue to moer than eight work weeks (40 work days) maximum.

An employee, upon resigning, is entitled to receive all accumulated vacation time.

An employee shall not be allowed to work in lieu of paid vacation and be paid twice their usual wage during that period.

Part time, limited term and temporary employees are not eligible for vacation time.

Section 21.12 Salary and Wages

The Town Council desires the Town employees be paid on a basis that is commensurate with salaries and wages for comparable private work in the Town that will attract and retain well qualified employees.  For this purpose, a compensation plan has been adopted which specifies a salary grade for each position in the service.

New employees will be paid at the minimum rate of the classification of the position for which they were hired.

A salary schedule for all positions including department heads will be maintained by the Town Manager and issued to each department head.  (See Exhibit A-1.)  The salary schedule referred to in this ordinance is attached hereto for the convenience of the reader, shall not be considered to be part of this ordinance and may, from time to time, be amended by the Town Council.

Section 21.13 Promotion
The Town Council desires that Town employees be given opportunity for advancement in the service.  Present employees shall be given first consideration in filling a vacancy and may be given training opportunity to qualify for promotions, but it is recognized that a vacancy may be filled from outside the service.  Such a decision shall be made only after a careful review of the qualifications of all Town employees who apply for the position.  The appointing authority shall file with the Town Manager an appropriate statement of the reasons for going outside the Town service to fill a promotional vacancy.

Section 21.14 Jury Pay
The Town shall pay an employee called for jury duty his/her full salary during his/her absence.  The employee will reimburse to the Town any payments received for jury duty.  The intent of reimbursement is to not reduce an employee's income, but to avoid double payments for the same time worked.  Employees excused from jury duty shall report back to work during their normal shift hours.

Section 21.15 Safety

All accidents to personnel, no matter how minor during the work schedule must be reported immediately to the department head and a written report will be made on forms for that purpose.

All employees suffering an accident will be sent to a doctor for examination, at Town expense.

Time lost because of accidents incurred while on duty will not be deducted for any reason when computing length of service.

Section 21.16 Political Activities
While working for the Town, employees shall refrain from seeking or accepting nomination or election to any office in the Town government, and from using their influence publicly in any way for or against any candidate for elective office in the Town government.  Town employees shall not work at the polls, circulate petitions or campaign literature for elective Town Officials, or be in any way concerned with soliciting or receiving subscriptions, contributions or political service from any person for any political service from any person for any political purpose pertaining to the government of the Town.  This rule is not to be construed to prevent Town employees from becoming or continuing to be, members of any political organizations, from attending political organization meetings, from expressing their view on political matters, or from voting with complete freedom in any election.